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Need to lose 2 stones[blush] Want to start on Monday 2nd Sept. Mainly with exercise. (1001 messages) continuing

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kidsrus Mon 29-Sep-08 19:02:04

I couldn't post on the last 1 so started this one and hope you all find your favourite thread again.

Ive seen a diet in a mag and thought i would try to follow it.
today i ate
2 weetabix
cheese baked pot with salad
more fruit
and salmon with veg served in an orange and lemon homemade sauce
snack tonight will be micro wave popcorn and more fruit.
i can have up 4 t&c and unlimited fruit t

Fimbles5 Mon 29-Sep-08 21:37:06

Oops, sorry kidsrus I started a new thread too, but am glad I've found you again. I will use this one from now on, although we have a newbie on the other one which I will have to send over here too.
How do you feel with the new diet. Sounds really good. What mag do you read?

Fimbles5 Mon 29-Sep-08 21:38:28

Sorry, that sounded awful sad There is a lovely new person over on the other thread that would like to come and join us. I will send her this way. (I think that was better.)

kidsrus Wed 01-Oct-08 22:05:32

welcome back fimbles. i was panicking i wouldnt find you again. we could use your thread just need a link to find it.
the diet is in the nov issue of prima.
i have been tweeking it a little.

yesterday i ate
shreddies with milk
houmous &cheese pitta served with salad
pasta with chicken tomato and mascapone sauce with salad
l/f yoghurt with plums

today i ate
chicken pitta with salad and balsamic dressing
pot roast beef (instead of steak) served with rosemary roast pots and toms and mushrooms
tonights snack is l/f cheese and 2 crackers with milk but will skip tonight as i have been to a meeting and didn't eat till nearly 9
tomo poached eggs on toast, l/f/yoghurt and orange juice but will proberbly have ryvieta not toast and might skip the yog and juice.
beef salad sand and salad (pitta instaed)
pork and pineapple kebabs with brown rice
fruit and yoghurt.
i have never eaten so much i feel stuffed just reading it.

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