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dabihp Sun 27-Feb-05 10:27:40

Hi, am preggers at mo', so dont really want to join a class, but slimming world has been recommended to me, any chance anyone has their books/diet sheets, recipes etc... that they could scan in and email to me??

fairydust Sun 27-Feb-05 14:59:27

i believe you get a special booklet from the class leader when you inform her your pregnant.

DecafArabica Sun 27-Feb-05 16:43:15

Yes, they have a special booklet and some modifications to the plan for you to follow. Unfortunately my consultant never got around to giving me mine so I can't tell you what they are! Class can seem a bit irrelevant when you are pg because everyone else is so focussed on getting the pounds off whereas you're usually just trying not to put too many on. But in my case I regret I didn't join during my pregnancy with DS cos I put on over 4st!!!

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