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Mumsnet Mamas 2005 Week 7

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Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Feb-05 21:59:09

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Fri 25-Feb-05 21:59:59


Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Feb-05 22:07:56

Message withdrawn

roisin Fri 25-Feb-05 22:11:51

No, I'm here too. Don't feel like joining the party.

DS2 is poorly and I'm fed up. Trying not to hit the chocolate.

roisin Fri 25-Feb-05 22:12:49

Btw YG you are wanted on this thread

Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Feb-05 22:17:36

Message withdrawn

roisin Fri 25-Feb-05 22:21:34

Thanks, I'll go and hit the fruit bowl instead!

Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Feb-05 22:22:11

Message withdrawn

miam Sat 26-Feb-05 08:23:09

Morning all! Well done to everyone for last week - lets make this week EVEN BETTER!! I'm off now for my weekend in Edinburgh (the Hilton no less) but am determined to be good. Don't think I will drink too much as a glass of wine is about £6 !! And anyway, plan to dance off any gained pounds he he. Have a good weekend everyone.

Loobz how did you do last week, or have you not weighed yet? It has taken me about a year to lose this 3stone. The first stone came off really quickly - in a matter of weeks. Then I had a break for a month or so, without putting any on. Then lost another stone over a few months and had another break. This last stone has taken a while. I seem to have a routine of losing 7lbs, then sticking for weeks before I lose anther 7lbs. Am overdue for a plateau so am waiting for it. xx

Loobz Sat 26-Feb-05 10:47:42

Hi Miam - I put on 1.5lbs this week but am not bothered cos I was treating it a s a new start. Forgot to e-mail my results to Yorkiegirl. Feel awful this morning - have a stinker of a hangover - serves me right - had a good night last night but am back on plan today

Demented Sat 26-Feb-05 10:49:34

The Hilton ... have fun!

miam Sat 26-Feb-05 10:52:08

Oooh, I will! You should see my platforms - stuck gold stars all over the soles and the heels. They look great! And am buying a wig today - I like the look so much, I may just keep it !

Good for you Loobz - keep up that positive thinking and this time next week you will be grinning from ear to ear!

trefusis Sat 26-Feb-05 10:59:59

Message withdrawn

Loobz Sat 26-Feb-05 20:28:36

I am dying - never drinking ever again (or have I said that before) This should be doing my diet the world of good - can't eat. Think I made a total prat of myself last night but think so did a few others
Hope you don't feel like this in the morning Miam - hope you have a great time

Evesmama Sat 26-Feb-05 23:21:38

help!!!am sat here 'hooked' on the members profile bit and im getting mega munchies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh

coppertop Sat 26-Feb-05 23:23:45

Don't do it!


<waves boot menacingly>

Evesmama Sat 26-Feb-05 23:24:51

i 'must' go to bed....i 'must' go to bed...i....

coppertop Sat 26-Feb-05 23:27:19

Think happy thoughts about fruit and veg. (Ooer! Should probably re-phrase that! )

Don't give in!

Evesmama Sun 27-Feb-05 13:34:45

ooh err missus

Evesmama Mon 28-Feb-05 08:21:07

big, big

well hopped on scales this morning although havent done my morning constitutional yet!
and have lost 2lb!!!!hurray
12lb altogether now

and a big thankyou to all you lovely people on here, because ive never been able to lose weight without going to s.w before and im sure a lot of it is down to you lot and all the ass kicking

i love ya all

miam Mon 28-Feb-05 08:32:14

Well done Evesmama - so pleased for you (can you tell??) xx

Well, I had a fabulous time at the weekend - my feet are still recovering though. I managed to be quite good too. Gave my plate of profiterols to dh and had fruit for brekkie instead of the usual fryup. I did have about some drinks though but only 4 (honestly!!) BUT had about 12 luxury choccies but hey - dieting is all about choosing when and when not to let it go a bit! Getting weighed tonight and I am sure I have lost this week. I have lost 9.5cm this week, which must be due to all the boogying! (Oh, and the DJ took a bit of a fancy to me he he...)

Evesmama Mon 28-Feb-05 08:45:12

thanks sweetie

glad you had a lovely time, dont think i could have handed over proffiteroles though!!!!!!

not suprised the dj took a fancy to you, your a super slim fox!!!

coppertop Mon 28-Feb-05 09:21:46

Well done, Evesmama!

No, I couldn't have said no to the profiteroles either.

Evesmama Mon 28-Feb-05 11:28:32

...oooh got me drooling about them now
am off to have lunch with a friend, so after such a succesful loss this morning, i am more inclined to go for something good for me rather than a parmo and chips! as ...ssssssssssshhhh<<<im nearly at a stone>>>>>SSSSSSSSSSsshhh

marj Mon 28-Feb-05 15:12:38

Well done Evesmama! Brilliant!
Glad you had a good time miam, the dress sounded great.
I didnt make it to ww on Saturday so weighed myself instead. According to my scales I have stayed the same so thats ok. I have had a bit of a pig out week with 2 takeaways (one was celebratory as dh passed 2 of his driving instructor exams - hooray!!)
Anyway, will try harder this week. The threat of coppertops boot should be enough to sort me out!

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