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please advise me on an exercise DVD for beginner with health problem

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susiecutiebananas Fri 19-Sep-08 21:46:16

I really need to do some exercise to help with weight loss.
I'd like to use a DVD to structure it. I have a nasty back problem now, but used to be very fit.

I need some exercises that will increase heart rate and general fitness, help me lose iches and tone.

I don't know where to begin looking so thought i'd ask the collective super brains here! {grin]

Please Please help as it's really important I lose this weight as soon as I can, its beginning to make my back worse and othe joints too. ( already have replaced hip and other hip a problem)

I am eating sensibly too reducing calorie intake from monday. Don't need advise on that... I know what I need to be doing.. just need to actually do it! wink


lizziemun Fri 19-Sep-08 22:02:19

What about something like this it's very gentle and you take it at your own time.

Tiramissu Tue 23-Sep-08 01:06:29

hi Susie
My mum wanted to loose weight and get fitter but she was so unfit she didn't know how to start. I bought her the 'Walk away the pounds' dvd by Leslie Sansone. There are 3 parts: 1 mile (very easy), then 2 miles (30 min) and then 3 miles (45 min)so you can increase as you get fitter.And you can do it with a bad back
It is so simple and easy to follow but very effective

wehaveallbeenthere Tue 23-Sep-08 01:15:06

hello, The good news is the more overweight you are the faster it should come off. Its always those last pounds that seem to always stick like a shadow.
Back problems are almost always from weak stomach muscles (my two close pregnancies did that to me) so start with just good posture. Try to keep your stomach muscles tucked and your buttocks tucked whenever you think about it. It seems like so little but if you do that you will actually feel a difference even if you don't see it.
Walking is a good exercise, so is swimming. Oh and I read somewhere that if you have something with Vitamin C about 20 minutes before you exercise it helps your body lose weight. I'm not sure how....I think it helps with the metabolism but it is supposed to help. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

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