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Friend wants me to do Lighterlife with her ..I am not averse, but thing is, would it be feasible to have a week off 5 weeks into the programme?

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handlemecarefully Sat 13-Sep-08 22:20:01

Not that I have a commitment issue or anything, just that we have a 1 week holiday booked for half term (half board), and tbh dining is a family / social occasion... and I would feel a huge party pooper just sitting over lovely al fresco meals in gorgeous surroundings just with my milkshake thingy to sip on. Doesn't make for a restful occasion, and will probably stress everyone out (them guilt and discomfort, me pure envy)

So I know it's just shakes and a bar for the first 12 weeks and then subsequently introducing low GI foods....but, would it be such a deal breaker to start the programme (it begins next week) and then have a half term holiday from it about 5 weeks into the programme? (I am not thinking of stuffing myself silly, just nice salads with limited dressings and lean meat and fish)

lonelymom Sun 14-Sep-08 17:44:35

I attempted Lighterlife twice and failed miserably each time. First time got to 10 days(lost 1 stone), 2nd - 3 days. If you are able to make it through the first 5 weeks, you probably would not want to eat at the time you are away anyway as all the hunger pangs, demonic cravings for food and headaches etc will have long passed so you could carry on with it. When your family see the changes in you, I am sure they will be supportive. Be nice and slim for Christmas! What would be the point of throwing away all your hard work half way through anyway? You would also put back on lot of weight, even in just a week and it would be hard to restart. I could'nt do it because preparing food for the kids was just too much (they were young and I could'nt even taste it to see if it was too hot!)and I was very angry at myself for making myself so fat that I was having to 'deprive' myself of food (was flinging pots and pans round the kitchen and slamming the plates round and was generally in a foul mood!). I'm still a fat cow though and would have loved to have been able to see it through. Good luck.

handlemecarefully Sun 14-Sep-08 21:36:20

Thanks lonelymom, I'm sure you are not a fat cow!!!!

I have been reflecting and think I would fall off the wagon too easily with Lighterlife. I have 40th birthday parties, social events etc coming up and would be thoroughly miserable to be 'nil by mouth'. I am going to give Slimming World another try, but will actually attend a weekly class rather than just do it on line.

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