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Why is it that when you start a diet......

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Divvy Wed 10-Sep-08 15:23:25

you are worse with food than you were before?

I was doing really well, until I thought I needed to step up my weight loss a bit, so started dieting.

As soon as I did this, my grip I had on food went, and now eating when not hungry! I am even eating stuff I havent bothered with for months...white bread and peanut butter! WFT???

RubySlippers Wed 10-Sep-08 15:24:47

because it is forbidden

What diet are you doing?

Divvy Wed 10-Sep-08 15:46:25

Nothing structured as such, but started weighing myself regular, and thinking more about the right sort of food I should be eating.

It backfired though hmm

I was better off before!

Not putting on weight though (breastfeeding)
Just wish I could eat care free....oh and be slim too.....erm, all by tomorrow!

RubySlippers Wed 10-Sep-08 18:07:06

LOL at by tomorrow

have just started a diet and am in it for the long haul

i am doing WW and nothing is forbidden as such, you just have to account for it

Divvy Wed 10-Sep-08 19:19:40

i would get 31 points on that right now! which is great till i stop bf!!! then its only 21!

Divvy Wed 10-Sep-08 19:20:18

.....or....i could bf till he is 16! wink

RubySlippers Wed 10-Sep-08 20:07:28


you get 7 extra points per day IIRC for breastfeeding

Divvy Thu 11-Sep-08 09:59:59

oh, it says 10 if not weaning

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