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Slimming World devotees...

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Pinkjenny Wed 27-Aug-08 11:03:39

How many syns in a Special K original cereal bar????

Pinkjenny Wed 27-Aug-08 11:35:46


MamaG Wed 27-Aug-08 11:36:08

Look it up on the SW website!

Pinkjenny Wed 27-Aug-08 11:37:38

I forgot to get this weeks' password otherwise I would have done!!!!

MamaG Wed 27-Aug-08 11:39:18

have yiou looked on the SW thread on here? The password is usually lurking somewhere

Pinkjenny Wed 27-Aug-08 11:46:17

I've posted and asked them. I always forget to look at the password. I was distracted by dd wrecking all the displays!

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