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To gym or not to gym. Is this worth the money?

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abouteve Fri 22-Aug-08 22:29:00

OK DD (14) can do with a helping hand in the weight department. We are trying to watch what we eat but are both quite unfit. Our local authority swimming pool has just gone into private hands after being rescued from receivership. Went to look today and its all been spruced up with a super new gym. Its £12 per month for her but being under 16 I will also have to join at £19 per month.

TBH my tummy could do with toning. I don't do any exercise atm and DD really needs help. So it £31 per month when money is tight. We are thinking of going twice a week, with a swim once. Should we go for it or am I kidding myself?

LittleMissTickles Fri 22-Aug-08 22:32:42

Go for it, you may well really enjoy it. Try to keep it as a FUN activity, not a chore for her especially.

I go to the gym 2 - 3 times a week and really enjoy going. You can always change your mind and cancel after a few months if it's not working out.

abouteve Fri 22-Aug-08 22:36:06

Thanks LMT. Do you really think it can help with weight loss? It's all new to me. I know if I join too, I will keep us motivated as I will have to drive the mile or so anyway.

My weight is OK, just a bit flabbier than I would like but DD really needs to lose about a stone and tone up.

Starbear Fri 22-Aug-08 22:40:20

Abouteve, have a go. You both have someone to motivate you. Sort out some sort of fun reward chart (maybe a new top at the end of the month)I was a chubby early teen then went running and became a gym bunny. Had the best time of my life after that.I made lots of friends, looked the best I could and had tons of energy. I'm forty now and it's all gone Pete Tong but I have my memories & photos.

LittleMissTickles Fri 22-Aug-08 22:44:37

Abouteve, I find it much easier to lose some weight exercising than dieting. Particularly as you are not overweight, just need toning, I think it will be perfect for you.

Consider trying some of the beginners classes (if they offer any) at the gym too - it is easy to have someone guide you, eg Pilates, kickboxing - I enjoy being told what to do at the gym!!!! wink

bran Fri 22-Aug-08 22:46:05

To save a bit of money could you do outdoorsy stuff, like walking or running, while the weather is still reasonably warm and then sign up in about October so that you can spend the wintery months in a nice warm gym. Although given how truly rubbish this summer has been you might as well go straight for the gym. wink

abouteve Fri 22-Aug-08 22:52:57

It's more trying to help DD out a bit. She won't be seen running. She has always pestered me to get her a gym membership but I cannot afford a private club.

I think this is reasonable and I will get my moneys worth and who knows that flat stomach grin.

bran Sat 23-Aug-08 11:43:31

It does sound very good value, is the gym well equiped and are there plenty of classes etc? Will it be fun enough for your DD to be motivated to keep going? Hopefully you will get to know a few other people if you do classes. Knowing you will be seeing a few friendly faces makes a big difference to how easy it is to get out of the house IME.

abouteve Sat 23-Aug-08 13:42:32

Yes it has brand spanking new equipment. They will show us how to use it as to me it looks like a torture chamber grin. Plenty of classes which have a 50% discount. They are also planning active youth sessions so DD could go there after school now and again without me.

I've taken the bull by the horns and booked us in for a pre joining assessment on Wednesday.

bran Sat 23-Aug-08 15:11:19

That sounds fab, I hope you and your dd enjoy it. At least with two of you going you will be able to encourage each other up off the sofa and out the door. grin I have a trainer as without him I would do bugger all. Although ds (aged 4) is showing promise over the summer holidays and is especially encouraging when I box with the trainer ("Go on Mum, hit him!"). wink Children aren't allowed in our gym until they turn 16 though, so it'll be a while before he can replace the trainer.

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