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Have been doing really well but now im!

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PinkChick Wed 20-Aug-08 09:24:32

have lost 2st 2 lbs in 10 weeks but now im stuck, im eating much better than i was at the start but the scales are NOT budgin?

I have been taking reductil prescribed by gp to make me feel full quicker, which really does work, but even though im eating less and cutting out more and more rubbishy things its not moving for last 2 weeks????

i walk lots as im a childminder, but am starting aqua aerobics tonight in a hope that will help, but its not really 'hard work' as its in the water and dont get a sweat on, but what can i do???..we go on hol in 5 weeks and i want to get the 3rd stone off for then..thats 12lb in 5 weeks, i have been able to do that, but dont know whats wrong lately????

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