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Any Fitness instructors around?

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3andnomore Sat 16-Aug-08 10:40:19

So, am loosing weight right now through doing Slimming World.
I am doing a routine of Exercise...I aim for 6 days a week and do 3 days a week Aerobic exercises (mostly Nell McAndrews, and I just do teh Interval training) and 3 times a week I do weights.
However, is this really the best way to loose fat and build muscle?
The reason I am asking is, that there are so many different theories out there...and I am finding it confusing.
I suppose watching "Diets on the dancefloor" it has become plainly obvious that it is easy to loose weight but still have more Bodyfat, despite exercise, etc....and obviously I want to build muscle not have my body eat my muscle up for energy......!

Anotehr question....for weight exercise I do the ones that are outlines in the books the absdiet for women, and obviously I try to keep the tempo slow, etc...but I am finidng them so boring. I do have Davinas Power of 3 and thought I might get away with doing her weight section, without the cardio bit, but they seem a bit to fast, making it more an aerobic, I assume, that it is harder to build muscle doing it that way?

I know, I am probably confusing everyone right now...but well...what is really the best way?
If I go "exercisewise" by the Absbook, they believe to do just those Weightexercises for 3 days a week and then do walking at a good pace the rest of the day, and 1 day you do some kind of Interval training (but not like the Nell McAndrew one), because they beieve that Aerobic exercise will actually work against building good muscle.

Oh, and obvious I am aware that you shouldn't eat closely before Exercise...but, well, I tend to do it early in the morning anyway, so, I tend to have a Yoghurt or Banana or some such thing, just to have something inside, as to not do exercise on an empty stomach....because, I would think, if you do exercise on an empty stomach, then your body will start at musclemass to get to energy...or is that theory flawed?

Anyway, any tips here would be great

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