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Anyone else got a bodyfat set of scales? How do you find it?

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piffle Tue 15-Feb-05 09:18:32

We are doing GI, about 95% Dh has more weight to lose (about 1.5 stone) and I could lose half a stone but do not "need" to in a health sense IYSWIM
Now these scales were on special and we desp needed some accurate ones so we got them Tanita ones they are
Super duper,
I am slightly over the 21-33% women are supposed to be, so how do I reduce it when already on a pretty healthy diet? It varies from 1-3% everyday and it is making me paranoid!
I walk 2 miles every second day and walk the dog etc, assumed I was doing enough?

Evesmama Tue 15-Feb-05 09:20:14

got some and am disgustred with my level of bodyfat, so wish id never bought them

Lowryn Tue 15-Feb-05 09:23:28

DH bought some and I daren't go on them at the moment. I was pounced on in town and someone did a similar electronic pulse through your body type of measurement, and I came out as overweight according to the scale...ugh.
So did DH though (ha)
I am 38% (gasp)

lunavix Tue 15-Feb-05 09:23:44

I have them (dp's gran got them for christmas)

At 5'3 and 9 stone 4 I know I'm not obese, but am actually still classed as a bit overweight as I am short (my excuse is a big chest )

My bmi (they told me at weightwatchers) is 23 or 24 which is okay, but my scales told me I'm 43% bodyfat when I should be under 20!

Ignored bodyfat advice from then on...

piffle Tue 15-Feb-05 09:26:55

bmi gives me a perfect 22 I'm 5ft 6 and 9st 10
bodyfat scales give me 35% which freaked me out as I am what I would term to be really healthy!
DH has now started a competition as to who can reduce bodyfat the fastest and I want to win!
But perhaps I'll just ignore it...

Evesmama Tue 15-Feb-05 09:29:09

yeah, our keeps alternating for both me and dp???

lunavix Tue 15-Feb-05 10:10:48

Mine changes too I get on in one minute and I'm 9st 4, next minute I'm 9st 7, next I'm 8 st 13!

Thing that bugs me most of all is it gave dp a really good bmi so it's not just warped, but I'm still not impressed!

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