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I've finally reached my pre-birth weight!!

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albert Mon 14-Feb-05 12:10:47

DS will be 5 at the end of March and it's taken me this long to get my weight back down to it's pre-birth level. I am soooo chuffed. And even better 3 people have complemented me this week on how slim I look. Sorry to blow my own trumpet IYKWIM but I am really happy to have finally made it and frankly, if I can do it anyone can - I am not known for my will power, more for my chocolate eating abilities!

kama Mon 14-Feb-05 13:58:34

Message withdrawn

Heathcliffscathy Mon 14-Feb-05 13:59:13

well done!

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 14-Feb-05 19:43:22

well done!

jabberwocky Mon 14-Feb-05 19:53:37

Congratulations!!! You definitely deserve to blow your own trumpet. That is a huge accomplishment.

champs Tue 15-Feb-05 00:19:19

well done!!

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