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Slim and the gym

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glitterfairy Mon 14-Feb-05 11:53:59

I have started a new regime at the gym today and am being weighed once a wekk there as well.

I thought I would come in here and support my efforts by asking anyone if they want to encourage/join/chat with me about it.

Any other gym addicts out there?

anorak Mon 14-Feb-05 11:55:28

I used to love the gym before I did my ankle in.

I hope you really enjoy it and get to the weight you want...good move!

LapsedGymJunkie Mon 14-Feb-05 12:01:11

Define addict

I go three days a week and do a minimum of 30 - 35 minutes cardio

10 X trainer

20 Treadmill

10 Bike

shoulder press

leg press

seated row

Leg curl



Press ups on the ball

Ab crunches with the ball and I still feel that I should do more.

LapsedGymJunkie Mon 14-Feb-05 12:01:39

Happy to chat to you I meant to say.

yoyo Mon 14-Feb-05 12:01:59

If I don't go to the gym this week I am cancelling my membership as I have not been since around Christmas (I think). Maybe this will be the incentive I need. It's the thought of having to start at a low level all over again whilst the fit bods all pound away. Thinking of my Summer hols and the thought of having to reveal a very untoned body to friends fills me with dread.

Have they given you a fitness plan?

anorak Mon 14-Feb-05 12:02:25

Sounds similar to what I used to to lgj

I miss it.

anorak Mon 14-Feb-05 12:02:59

yoyo, that's what gyms are for.

LapsedGymJunkie Mon 14-Feb-05 12:03:31

Yo yo

The hardest part is putting on your trainers.

When I get like that, I get up and I get dressed for the gym and then I have no excuse.

glitterfairy Mon 14-Feb-05 12:09:44

I am going at 7am in the morning this week next week with hubs away I will ahve to be late for worka dn go after the kids go to school.

My new routine is weights first as apparently this burns more calories with CV after.

I do lots of arm curls and things for my upper arms, squats, abdo crunch's, inner and outer thigh first then stretches.

Then I do x trainer for 15 minutes on aerobic nightmare, treadmill for one mile, bike hill climb for ten minutes. I am alternating the treadmill with rowing as I am worried about hurting my knees if I go every day for the first few weeks. After that I will ease off andd go three times a week. But I feel lethargic and rubbish when I dont go.

Beetroot Mon 14-Feb-05 12:22:49

Message withdrawn

glitterfairy Mon 14-Feb-05 12:35:05

Does the road running hurt Beets? When I did it it relaly made my legs ache the first day. I think you ahve to work harder than on the treadmill!

handlemecarefully Mon 14-Feb-05 13:23:43

I go only twice per week. Genuinely find it virtually impossible to do more. I work 3 days per week so I go on one of my two days off (either Thursday or Friday) - don't feel its fair to dump both kids on the gym creche on two consecutive days - particularly since they are in Nursery Monday to Wednesday.

The other day I go is Sunday mornings.

My routine is simple - just running on the treadmill for 5 km (3 miles). I run quite slowly (9-9.5km per hour) so it takes me about 30 minutes.

I'm still quite lardy though!

Gwenick Mon 14-Feb-05 13:27:04

Not the gym but do now (just started) alternate between the following during the week.

1hr Fitness Funk DVD
30 minute stretch and tone DVD
30 minutes rowing machine

glitterfairy Mon 14-Feb-05 13:34:22

Thats enough LOL! You probably do more than those of us who go to the gym.

I dont think running makes you less lardy really! I have a friend who has run the London marathon twice and is training again. She is plump but fit and I dont think I will ever be better than that myself. At the moment I am fat but fit!

handlemecarefully Mon 14-Feb-05 13:37:16

Yes, well if I am honest the lardyness is self inflicted. I can't really expect to imbibe two cans of lager every night and eat my daughter's Easter egg (I bought it early and put it away for her, but felt a bit low yesterday so scoffed it)and expect to look like Kylie Mynogue!

LapsedGymJunkie Mon 14-Feb-05 23:20:26

Handle M C

Get over it, they are playing with a different set of friends and you are getting fit, which ultimately benefits them.

So they learn a different set of social skills, and you get fit.

Argue with that.

DS goes into the creche Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Monday afternoon.

The afternoons are just for him and socialising being an only child and all that. On those days I do my work out in the morning when he is in playschool. Or rather I did, now work Mondays, looking forward to brighter mornings so I can walk the dog at 6.00

handlemecarefully Tue 15-Feb-05 08:40:05

OK good point. Perhaps I'll book a slot on Saturday's too...

yoyo Tue 15-Feb-05 09:12:19

Got the trainers out and in about an hour's time will be heading off. Just got to go and feed the ducks first (then persuade DH that he too will benefit from me going to gym - better mood, break from children, etc.). Will check in feeling virtuous later.

handlemecarefully Tue 15-Feb-05 14:13:20

How did you get on at the gym Yoyo?

yoyo Tue 15-Feb-05 16:15:18

Well I went and it was empty thankfully as I was red faced and out of puff in no time! Did 2 miles on bike, 12 mins on treadmill, 8 mins on X-trainer, 6 mins on rower (so just over 30 mins on cardio) then did a range of weights. About an hour in total. Felt so much better for going so just need to keep it up. Hope to go again tomorrow. Have to make the most of DH being around at half-term as gym has no creche so have to go fairly late usually which is why I find it hard to maintain enthusiasm.
Thanks for the encouragement.
I do all the cardio first, then weights, then stretches - should I be mixing it up a bit for best results? Although not especially overweight I am definitely wobblier than I should be!

handlemecarefully Wed 16-Feb-05 08:53:12

Not sure whether you should be mixing it all up to get better results.....If you ask one of the gym staff they will probably design an optimal work out for you at no charge. I had this done for me at David Lloyd. They only tend to charge if you want them to accompany you around the gym in a personal fitness instructor role....

mummygow Wed 16-Feb-05 09:24:33

Hi can I join??

Started gym a couple of weeks ago. I am very overweight and very wobbly.

They weighed me and took my bodyfat and gave me a programme to lose the weight and tone up but only according to what I can do then they will weigh me again in a month - they dont like to do it on a weekly basis in case you havent lost and it discourages you.

My programme is

Stretching 5 mins
Bike 10 mins
Row 7 mins
Cross Trainer 5 mins
Crunches (3 types) 40,20,20
Treadmill 10 mins
Weight (assorted) 10 - 15 reps x 2
Crouches (as above)
Stretching 5 mins

So roughly I am there for about an hour and I go 3 times a week. I have also started a Boxercise class on a Tuesday and we are maybe going to book the badmington court for Thursday.

Cant beleive the excuses I have been making for 21/2 years as it only takes up about 11/2 hours a day and my dh and I are just rotating, I go then come home and he goes.

I just have to conquer the bad eating habits now!!!!!!

glitterfairy Wed 16-Feb-05 20:04:33

Of course MG! Good to see you and I am glad you are enjoying your workout yoyo.

I have gone every day this week so far and can now do 5 mins running on the treadmill and have cut a minute off my mile on the treadmill.

I have been reading that I shouldnt do the weights every day. Is this right does anyone know? Apparently you should do it every other day to build the muscle and tone up because the muscle builds up on alternate days???

yoyo Wed 16-Feb-05 20:16:10

Did not make it today . DS had me up 6 times last night and I have felt pretty shattered all day as a result. DH offered to take older children swimming so didn't have the opportunity either. I will go first thing tomorrow (already have stuff ready).

Don't know much about gyms. Had my induction last Summer and she put me down on the lowest for everything!! Gradually incresed it and was doing okay until mid-Dec when it started to fall apart. Haven't been assessed since and there is noone there to ask generally. Adopting the attitude of "something is better than nothing". Any advice gratefully received.

cheeky1 Wed 16-Feb-05 20:37:34

Hello all.Ihave been going to the gym now for just over a month now.I go every day.My instructor has just changed my programme.At the moment i am doing

5 minutes on the x trainer
different exercises with weights(between 3 and 4kgs)for different arm muscles
waist twists
and floor exercises
and fly machine for my back leg muscles?
20 minutes brisk walk on the treadmill.I am finding these ones a bit harder to memorise doing,but i only started doing these yesterday.Feeling quite achey now,especially my arms!.
I am also cutting out all the bad stuff(or trying too!),it's not easy especially with all DD's goodies etc everywhere and homemade cakes she likes making!.Me thinks more willpower is needed!.

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