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NEED to lose weight - have 21 days!

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gettingserious Mon 11-Aug-08 02:07:32

I am going on my first holiday since my honeymoon (which was 2 years ago) and I am so much bigger than I was then. sad I just can't seem to shift all this baby weight (I put on 4 stones blush ) I have lost some but it's coming off so slowly and when I don't see the results of my hard work I give up and eat all the crap I shouldn't. Anyway, I am determined to lose weight before I go on holiday. The plan is a low carb and gym combo and I am going to weigh myself and check in here everyday. I am hoping that by making this public (although I doubt anyone will be interested!) I will stay motivated.
13st 10lbs
40 mins Gym

If anyone wants to join me... you'd be most welcome!

windyweather Mon 11-Aug-08 07:07:51

In same boat as you and I go away next week. I do good all day day and when dc's in bed munchies come on. How tall are you?

Good Luck

gettingserious Mon 11-Aug-08 09:58:28

I am 5'8". How about you? How much do you have to lose? Where are you going?

gettingserious Tue 12-Aug-08 01:24:45

DAY 2 (20 days to go)
13st 8lbs
40 mins gym

Did really well yesterday. No cheating at all. Imagine if I could get below 13st before I go! I would feel like a rockstar grin 8lbs in 20 days is doable...isn't it?

BorntoRun Tue 12-Aug-08 06:28:53

How did you lose 2lbs in a day?

gettingserious Tue 12-Aug-08 06:35:46

God knows, BorntoRun... scales are never really accurate, are they? I had pigged out over the weekend and so was probably full of pizza or something when I weighed myself the first time!

BorntoRun Tue 12-Aug-08 06:53:26

Lol at pizza. I'm on the 'lose 2 stone mainly with exercise' thread and have confessed to being at gym yesterday morning, then having toastie n chips for lunch, curry, beer and wine for dinner, never gonna lose anything at that rate eh?! Imagine 8lbs in 20 days can be done, if you look at some of the slimming mags around they usually have a lose 5lbs in 10 days type of thing, could be worth a look.

ThePenguinProject Tue 12-Aug-08 11:08:18

8lb in 20 days can be done - it's the sort of weight loss I normally achieve and then undo in 20 hours!! blush

Good luck!

charliecat Tue 12-Aug-08 11:10:58

Ok. I will join you.
I have 17 days to be a little less lardy.
I am 11 and a half stone.
5ft 6.
Not sure what my plan is yet, other than to stop hanging in the cupboard munching! Good Luck

gettingserious Tue 12-Aug-08 22:33:15

Welcome charliecat! <<sighs wistfully at the thought of being 11.5 stone>> We are going to be hotties on holiday! Feeling very motivated.
BorntoRun, thats exactly the sort of thing I keep doing! Not for the next 19 days though!

DAY 3 (19 days to go)
13st 4lbs... but taking that with a pinch of salt because despite hardly eating anything yesterday I got horrible food poisoning and was throwing up so didn't have any dinner. Yuck. I think I must have eaten a slightly dodgy egg. I thought I was going to die [drama queen emoticon] My stomach isn't agony today but I am still nervous about eating...although I doubt that will last long! grin

gettingserious Tue 12-Aug-08 22:34:16

Oh obviously no gym today. Cancelled my creche booking.

charliecat Tue 12-Aug-08 23:14:35

i have sunk a bottle of wine...failed!

gettingserious Thu 14-Aug-08 01:10:39

Charlie, you haven't failed! Don't leave me on my own! wink

DAY 4 (18 days to go)
13st 4lbs... but still unsure about that. I was recovering yesterday from my illness so hardly ate anything. I think I will put those lost pounds back on as soon as I eat something!
No gym again today. Did some stomach crunches though - lame I know but better than nothing grin

charliecat Thu 14-Aug-08 08:56:48

Ok have pulled myself out the gutter. I went orienteering for 2 hours yesterday and didnt eat like a horse to make up for it.
So....maybe, baby, I can get back on track.
I was ill last week and couldnt help but think of the weight losing propertys of it...
Will be good today. Housework count as excercise?

gettingserious Thu 14-Aug-08 22:32:59

Welcome back to the wagon, Charlie! Yes, housework definitely counts if you ask me. It's knackering!

DAY 5 (17 days to go)
13st 3lbs (can't quite believe this is really the truth. Can I really have lost 7lbs in 5 days? No. It's the illness. Damn it. If only losing weight was that easy. Going by that I'd be under 12 stone by the time I go away! Unfortunately, never going to happen!)
No gym today. Will do some crunches/lunges/push ups etc.

Lilliput Fri 15-Aug-08 18:36:54

You may find that you lose nothing next week if you have lost 7lbs this week. This happened to me when I did weight watchers. I had a big loss in the first week then it was fits and starts. Somethimes it would be 3lbs in a week sometimes nothing. That is when you really ahve to bolster your willpower.
I am also back on the wagon, but I only need to lose about 10lbs, this has crept back on since I got to my goal weight with weightwatchers two years ago.
Good luck, keep it up.

gettingserious Sat 16-Aug-08 03:48:35

Ahhh Lilliput you're right, I know. It's a shame though grin I am hoping that when it all stops writing on here will keep me on the straight and narrow!

DAY 6 (16 days to go)
13st 4lbs (already 1 pound put back on...and probably lots more seeing as I had incredibly yummy bircher muslie (sp? looks wrong) for breakfast this morning. Whoops. That's hardly low carb blush

gettingserious Mon 18-Aug-08 01:50:41

DAY 8 (14 days to go...ARGH!)
13st 4lbs
I am fairly pleased with that seeing as it was my anniversary over the weekend and we went out to a gorgeous restaurant for dinner, had loads of cocktails, went out for breakfast, no gym etc etc. So, I think the initial 6 lbs I lost since the start of this thread must have been water retention or something. Now comes the hard part...actually shifting this lard grin

Gym today 1hr.

nappyaddict Mon 18-Aug-08 02:21:52

good luck

gettingserious Tue 19-Aug-08 02:38:12

Thanks nappyaddict...I think I'll need it!

DAY 9 (13 days to go)
13st 4lbs
Gym today 1hr (but it nearly killed me for some reason)

Lilliput Fri 22-Aug-08 13:35:56

Have you fallen off the wagon gettingserious or just haven't check in?

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