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Do Greens offer a creche? Or any other gyms in Cambridge? Need to lose some weight! Someone please be my exercise buddy! [grin]

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Dreadfulwoman Sun 10-Aug-08 22:23:51

Have gone up two dress sizes since Feb, and am feeling the flab now! Have just tried on my hol outfits for tomorrow and ended up nearly in tears-I want to cancel the holiday I look so awful! So have decided over the hols to drink lots of water to curb my appetite, and then hit the gym when I get back, but dd doesn't start school until the 8th Oct. By then my motivation will have entirely vanished and I'll be wallowing in dairy milk, so need one with a creche. Also wondered if anyone else was doing the same, as I never go again after the first week as I hurt so much, so need the motivation! grin

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