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Mumsnet Mamas 2005 Week 5

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Yorkiegirl Sat 12-Feb-05 21:01:09

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Sat 12-Feb-05 21:10:12


coppertop Sun 13-Feb-05 13:31:36


Well done, everyone. I can't believe I've finally got to my first half-stone with mumsnet mamas. Yippeee! I'd lost just under a stone before joining up but I know that without these threads I either wouldn't have gone any further or I would have put it all back on by now.

I've been fairly good this week, apart from one afternoon when dh lured me into Burger King. I haven't been in there for about 5 years or so and probably won't bother for another 5 years now. It's definitely lost any appeal that it might've once had for me.

I managed to do lots of walking last week so I think that helped me to lose some weight. I think that from now on I'll be losing the weight slowly but steadily. My younger sister is planning to get married next year so I now have a big target date to aim for. I tried the 'buying jeans in a smaller size' and it has worked for me. I've now bought a pair in an even smaller size and will hopefully be squeezing into them at some point in the future.

marj Sun 13-Feb-05 15:43:08

Well done everyone! Good luck for this week.
I already know how I have done as I weigh in on Saturdays. I lost 2lbs so am really pleased after my small gain last week.

Yorkiegirl Sun 13-Feb-05 15:46:19

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 13-Feb-05 15:47:43

Message withdrawn

Demented Sun 13-Feb-05 16:04:42

Ooops posted on the week 4 thread by accident.

It's all going wrong for me again today, DH brought friends back for lunch and made sandwiches with white bread and lashings of butter not to mention the two big packs of biscuits (nice ones) he brought with him.

Well done on the 2lbs Marj.

Oooh I like Burger King, managed to have a grilled chicken salad with no dressing the last time we were there, half a syn on a red day, would have preferred a Whopper and fries though!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 13-Feb-05 16:28:47

I also posted on the wrong thread, so here we go again.....

Had all my family over yesterday to celebrate the DTs 1st birthday. Ate lots of cake, drank copious amounts of champagne (despite giving alcohol up for Lent), ate lots of food. Hoping to remain good until weigh in on Wednesday.

Well done to all those who have lost, and well done Marj on the 2lbs.

Don't be down hearted those who haven't lost. We'll be svelte beauties soon.

Must try to get out and buy some small jeans. It seems to be working for everyone.

Fennel Sun 13-Feb-05 17:59:51

I already have lots of too small jeans. I just find it irritating rather than motivating! (am just sulking this week as not in the mood for losing weight - dd3 is 9 months and I'm still all blobby and creaky and unfit

yorkiegirl can you exchange the trousers for smaller ones?

miam Sun 13-Feb-05 18:00:33

Well done to everyone - what a great week! Especially big congrats to all those who lost half a stone - what an achievement!

I've had a good week - getting weighed tomorrow but my cals have been upped and I have had a few wines. Although I am allowed a drink or two now, I am a bit worried that it has stopped me losing. We'll see. Anyway, had a massive clear out of my wardrobe - bagged up everything over size 12. Then went and spent a fortune on new clothes (yet again - don't want to look at my bank balance). Have discovered that I am now a size 10 in the hips , size 12 waist and 12/14 bust !!! Is it possible to lose weight off your bust without the aid of a surgeon?? Hopefully this last stone will move it. And I am trying to tone up my waist and stomach more. The thought better weather looming is spurring me on (ever the optimist - snow here today). Have a great week everyone! xx

Fennel Sun 13-Feb-05 18:02:02

miam - enjoy the bust. it's the one bit of being larger that's a plus.

miam Sun 13-Feb-05 18:05:22

lol Fennel!! I honestly hate it though - they make me incredibly self-conscious. If I could chop them off right now I would! I was booked in for a reduction a few years ago and chickened out. I am thinking more and more about it again, but I worry about putting myself through the risk of surgery when there is nothing medically wrong with me (just mentally!!).

Demented Sun 13-Feb-05 18:08:01

Miam I have a similar problem, according to Next Directory sizes, I am a 10 at the hips, slightly bigger than a 12 at the waist and a 12-14 at the bust. Unfortunately my bust hasn't changed size for at least the last stone and half and the woman at The Personal Touch doesn't think it will for some strange reason.

(For anyone wondering what The Personal Touch is it's a bra shop in Stirling).

miam Sun 13-Feb-05 18:11:35

Hi Demented . What a pain (literally in the back area !). I have lost it off my boobs a bit, the only reason I am not constantly falling over! I do think it will cause problems buying dresses though - I don't think they make them in our size do they? Can't believe I am as slim as you though !! Makes me feel very chuffed!!

Fennel Sun 13-Feb-05 18:16:36

well on the positive side at least you two don't have to keep breastfeeding indefinitely for fear of losing any bust - i used to be ok but all the bf in the last few years has emptied them out I think!

Demented Sun 13-Feb-05 18:17:09

LOL Miam, sounds like you've got a slimmer waist than me, I'm a very fetching square shape . Know what you mean about the dresses, I also get fed up trying to get a nice jacket if it fits at the boobs it's always huge at the shoulders.

I thought I had lost from my bust and went into the shop all excited to get a smaller bra but it turned out I had just lost some of the fullness from the top part of my bust and was still the same size, the only plus point is that I can now wear different styles, like balconette, would never have gotten away with that before.

Were you going to have your reduction on the NHS?

Demented Sun 13-Feb-05 18:21:01

LOL Fennel, downside is if you are big to start with they get even bigger when you bf. Try feeding discretely when bursting out of a 'G' cup, only plus point is (certainly in my case with baby no 2) you don't need to hoist your t-shirt up far when your nipples are waving about at your waist when you unhitch your bra.

Fennel Sun 13-Feb-05 18:24:18

Demented, my friend was a double J when bf her frist and now with her second is even larger, there's a photo of her feeding and everyone asks "why are you feeding the baby from your thigh?"

miam Sun 13-Feb-05 18:24:38

Fennel. I wasn't able to b/f any of my children - perhaps they are still full of milk?????? heh heh - maybe I just needed hooked up to a milking machine!

Yes, I was going to get it done on the NHS. I do wish I had gone for it, but the surgeon was a bit nasty (you can guess why) so I backed out. I know loads who have had it done though, and keep wondering if I should speak to my doctor about it again. I was offered it on the NHS when I was in England, so don't know if it would be available here.

Twiglett Sun 13-Feb-05 18:30:41

I am bad

somebody make me start my diet again

I have no excuses

have already started piling on some of the pounds I lost

Help me.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e

Demented Sun 13-Feb-05 18:36:28

Blimey Fennel! I did know someone who could lie their newborn baby across their knee and their boobs were just the right length to meet the baby's mouth, never dared ask her what size she was.

I suppose I could see why they were worried miam, it's a pretty major op. Things are always changing though they may not be so concerned now.

Demented Sun 13-Feb-05 18:38:02

Twiglett, start that diet again, you were doing SW weren't you?

Get to it, then you can be Twiglett not only because you are allegedly marmite flavoured.

WigWamBam Sun 13-Feb-05 18:41:23

Twiglett, you're not bad (well, not all bad anyway . Perhaps you're just bored with your diet or have hit a plateau or something. Dieting's a drag sometimes, isn't it - but just think of all that weight you lost, and how hard it was to shift - and how proud of yourself you were when you lost it. Think about why you wanted to lose weight in the first place, and think about how you'll feel when you've lost everything you want to lose.

Anyway, if you put weight back on again, you're going to have to change your name from Twiglett to something a bit less skinny - and you don't want that, do you!

You can do it, you know.

WigWamBam Sun 13-Feb-05 18:42:44

Demented, are you talking about me??

When I was breastfeeding my boobs went up to size 48K - I never did master the art of feeding gracefully and discreetly, and I did it for 2 years!

miam Sun 13-Feb-05 18:44:26

Twiglett - start now! Don't let your weight make you miserable another second. You managed to lose those pounds before - you have it within you to do it again, and you deserve to be happy and healthy. I have never felt so confident ever - I say that without a word of a lie. I just wish I had lost my weight years ago - so much wasted time feeling unhappy with myself. As soon as you start feeling that weight coming off you will be motivated to keep going. Just do it now - you owe it to yourself.

And if you don't, there are loads here with big Doc Martins at the ready to boot you up the backside until you do!!!

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