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Have 2 weeks to get rid of some flab!!! - Cut out carbs and do low fat will it work?

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Twinkie1 Tue 05-Aug-08 09:42:29

Right am off on hols in a week and a half with the skinny cousin and auntie who is probably the same size as me but a different shape IYKWIM!!

I lost a stone at the end of last year and toned up and then had an op and so now have put on half of what I post through not being able to exercise - I am back at the ym running 6 - 8k every other day and have decided to cut out carbs completely and have low fat everything else.

Will this work as a quick fix solution or will I have to chuck all new bikinis away and invest in one of those miracle swimming costumes????

livysmum Wed 06-Aug-08 03:03:38

hmm hard work and sensible diet is the smart way...
If all else fails....get SPANX

ColumboJumbo Wed 06-Aug-08 14:10:34

Don't cut out carbs and do low fat as well - will work against you. If you go low carb just stick to 20g carbs a day and cut out caffeine. Don't restrict fat as eating fat helps you burn fat when you are low carbing.

nippersnappers Wed 06-Aug-08 14:12:42

I found that for two weeks the Special K diet worked for me.

Bowl for breakfast, bowl for lunch, healthy main meal and no alcohol.

Very boring but worked a treat.

Good luck

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