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i just have to tell someone!! .............................

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smeeinit Mon 04-Aug-08 10:27:51

ive finally found something that works for me!!
ive lost 14lb in 10 days! yes a bloody stone in 10 days!!!
i do have alot to lose 9stone+.....blush

have tried every diet under the sun and they all work for a limited time but ive now started (following advice from my spiritual guru!) just writing down each dayw hat i can eat and sticking to it...
its really working for me!
im soooooo happy!!! grin

PinkChick Mon 04-Aug-08 10:30:32

WELL DONE Smeegrin..that IS fab..i guess by writing down the food you are more aware and eating better/less?..i would be writing down fish n chips twice, kebab once, 4 bars of choc and would be surprised i hadnt lostwinkgrin

smeeinit Mon 04-Aug-08 10:34:34

pmsl pinkchick!!
thats what my diet was like up until 10 days ago!!
im being really strict with myself....i know what i should be eating to lose weight and am sticking to it,evenings have always been my worst so im just eating fruit in evenings and have even found im not even eating that!
i actually have been leaving food on my plate which is something ive not done for years! shock grin

PinkChick Mon 04-Aug-08 12:12:25

thats fab smee, i started taking reductil from doc to sto me eating so much(they make you feel full) and ive lots (1lb off) 2st in 7 weeksgrin..keep going chick, youll be dropping excess pounds like no bodys businesssmile

smeeinit Mon 04-Aug-08 17:39:59

thats fab pinkchick, go girl!!

PinkChick Wed 06-Aug-08 09:02:31

Hi Smee how've you been oerv last few days?, still doing well?smile

smeeinit Wed 06-Aug-08 11:45:26

yep all good pinky!!
feeling good and very positive!!

PinkChick Wed 06-Aug-08 13:25:20

greatsmile..well done.

i wa soooot tempted whilst in shop buying some kitchen roll to pick up a choc bar at till........BUT i didnt..feel good about it, but still want onegrin..need a sweet fix as TOTM and its driving me mad..might have a choc hilightssmile

so what you been eating then to do so well so quickly?

smeeinit Wed 06-Aug-08 18:01:36

lol ! well done u!!
ive really cut back but not hungry atall...
was eating typical fatty things! and chips,takeaways,crips HUGE bags!,choccy and anything else i could am eating loads of fruit,cereal 4 breakfast rather than 3 slices toast! lunch is either ryvita with soft cheese (sounds boring but i jazz it up!!)) and i ahve a good balanced tea.
cant quite believe how well its working for me! grin

chocolatespiders Fri 08-Aug-08 19:36:27

so do you write down what you have had that day


what you will have that day?

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