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Really need some help/motivation to get off my backside please :(

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OneBoyOneGirl Sat 02-Aug-08 20:48:39

Hi all,
Im new to MNet today and am soo pleased that you have a weight loss section.

I am 24, and have two children DD 2.4 and DS 12 months and am really struggling with losing the weight from my son - but theres the thing, its not baby weight at all and its because i eat way too much and do naff all half the time. (at least on here i can be honest blush

I am approx 5 foot 7 and weigh 13st 1lb. Thats the first time ive admitted that to anyone!
I was 11 stone 4 on my wedding day 3 years ago and was the lightest ive been then and size 12, so ive never been skinny - i feel i want to be around 10 and a half stone.

I know i need to lose weight - i feel awful, have no confidence, think i am always the fattest person in the room etc, i wont go to town cause i think everyone will be laughing at how much ive let myself go - im ignoring my friends cause i don't want them to see me and im getting so low.

But i still eat!
I am better on the strict diets, slimfast etc where you know exactly what your going to have and no more - but i simply cannot afford the products and when i do them i only stick it for a week or so and when i see no results i give up.
when i try to buy healthy stuff in i do really well until after 6 at night when i crave fatty things. I can eat a whole tub of pringles and still be hungry blush .

My hubby is overweight too (he wasn't when we got married) but he says im ok as i am.

Any help/advice much appreciated - sorry to ramble on!

WilfSell Sat 02-Aug-08 20:59:52

hello and welcome...

me too (lacking motivation on weight loss) but am getting there slowly. I am committing to changing one thing each week but making it a lifestyle change. This last week, I have cut out alcohol on all but one night a week (OK, two if we're out at someone's house). The week before I decided to try and regulate my 'treats' - hmm, they were happening far too frequently to be treats. So one small 'treat' a day...

Next week - though I've been doing it already this week - I'm going to make sure I exercise for 30 mins each day, even if it only brisk walking to nursery.

I figure doing it like this makes it easier to stay doing it in the longterm. And if I can build up enough good habits, eventually the weight will shift... Trick is to set your targets low: then you always hit them!

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