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Help I think I am going mad WW and SW problems

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muffintop Sat 02-Aug-08 19:38:18

About 6 weeks ago I joined WW followed the diet a month weighing weekly and only lost 3 pouns the whole time I was gutted and no great explanation given although I followed the programme and wrote everything down.

I have now joined SW and the first week lost 3 pounds so was pleased, last week I had put on 1.5 pounds and had no idea why - fill the diary in on line eat the a and b choices and feel like I have put on again this week. I am going to do this for a month and if I cannot lose weight I am off to see the gp - has anyone else had the same problems? sad

Thanks for reading

PortAndLemon Sat 02-Aug-08 19:48:26

I know that Kewcumber's seen a nutritionist who advised to forget about the 1-2 lb a week weight loss thing and that 1-2 lb a month was actually more sustainable and likely to stay off. So maybe you weren't doing too badly?

AuntieMaggie Sat 02-Aug-08 19:58:18

did you hand your food diary in to the SW person for them to look at for you? and are you measuring everything properly?

perhaps you could type on here what you ate last week and successful SW members could give you some tips?

muffintop Sun 03-Aug-08 19:25:35

I have not handed my diaries in but am going to this week for the last 2 weeks to see if she can see what I am doing wrong but I do them online and if you put anything in wrong it tells you - there are only a few things that I have needed to measure as I try to stick to things that I don't have to - I so want this to work but it is so disappointing when I am not getting very far hmm

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