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Opinions wanted - how would you describe my shape (I know it is not that big, but still an issue for me)

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GeorgeAndTimmy Fri 01-Aug-08 20:31:26

So, I am 5ft 3. Size 12-14. Measurements 32, 31, 40. Broad shoulders, go in for waist, rounded belly, legs ok from mid thigh down, slim forearms and ankles.
I weigh 10 stone 5.
I am offically overweight according to BMI charts, and would like to be around 9-9 1/2 stone.
So, does this sound big? Do you think you would look at me and think - she needs to lose some weight? Or would I just look normal to you?
I can't post a photo, sorry - don't have any and wouldn't know how if I did.
Would just like to hear a few views from other people if possible <<<<hopeful emoticon>>>>

GeorgeAndTimmy Fri 01-Aug-08 23:18:07

Anyone? grin

hotCheeseBurns Fri 01-Aug-08 23:20:39

You sound pretty normal to me.

My bmi is 22.5 which isn't that far off the overweight mark, which i find odd.

RuffleTheAnimal Fri 01-Aug-08 23:23:55

well im 5'4, a 12-14 with a 'rounded belly', ditto on the legs and arms. i weigh close to 10 stone.
i reckon i could lose a stone or two and look great.
but i dont think 'what a heifer' or anything. justr reckon im normal for a 32 yr old mum of 3.

but id like to be a 'hot' mama of 3, obv grin

BasementBear Sat 02-Aug-08 14:38:44

I think you sound fairly normal, I would definitely not describe you as a heiffer! smile. If you want to lose a bit of weight, fine. I think it's all about how you feel, and as long as you are eating the right stuff and feel healthy that's the most important thing.

GreenEggsAndSpam Sun 03-Aug-08 15:13:15

Thanks for the reassurance! I suppose while in my head I know I would like to lose some weigh, I don't like the classification of 'overweight'! It sounds scary.
BTW hCB, a BMI of 22.5 puts you right in the middle of the healthy weight (20-25), so not something that would worry me for sure smile

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