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Hypothyroid, just stopped smoking and trying to lose a stone - do I have a chance?

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Lukesmammy Tue 29-Jul-08 22:04:10

Just that really.

I would like to lose that last 10 to 14lb of baby weight (DS is 16 months). I have an underactive thyroid which makes weight loss difficult? Stopped smoking 4 weeks ago (yippee!) but have put on 4lb already. Started doing weightwatchers one week ago and lost about 2lb but then put it straight back on again angry

Anybody else managed to lose weight in my situation???? Please??? Hopeful emoticon!!!

misi Tue 29-Jul-08 23:13:08

have you been put on thyroxine? if so how much? is this a increasing dose or your final dose?
do you know what your TSH level was in your last blood test?

so many questions!!
yes you do stand a good chance, you just need sorting out grin

oiwhatsoccurring Wed 30-Jul-08 08:17:13

Lukesmammy as long as your under regular blood test reviews and your GP has you on the right dose of Thyroxine then yes you can lose weight.

I think a blood test every 3 months until its under control is the norm.

Lukesmammy Wed 30-Jul-08 15:35:58

My dosage had just been increased from 100 mcg to 125 mcg. At my last blood test two months ago, my blood levels of thyroxine were fine but my TSH was through the roof at 16!

Am due another test, mid August. I have been taking thyroxine since diagnosis in August 05 and go for blood tests every three months.

I go through periods of blood tests coming back normal and then steadily increasing every few months iykwim?

The weight loss thing is really getting to me as despite being really good, it just seems to cling on! I don't understand why, when my bloods were normal a few months ago, did nothing come off even when I was trying really hard!

oiwhatsoccurring Wed 30-Jul-08 15:41:21

Maybe you should speak to your doctor/dietian at the surgery because if your doing it all right and nothing is coming off there might be something else.

I haven't lost any weight since March despite trying very hard. It is very depressing.

Lukesmammy Wed 30-Jul-08 15:50:21

It really does my head in! I was so lucky when first diagnosed as weight gain was not one of my symptoms.

My GP commented at the time that he was surprised that I hadn't put any weight on at all and I continued to not do so until preggers with my DS and then I really went to town! (Gave up the ciggies and booze and so ate for Britain instead! blush

I went from 8 and a half stone to just over 11, post delivery. Am now down to 9 and a half stone but that weight loss has litterally taken me nearly 18 months. I may speak to the GP but I reckon there isn't a lot they can do really. What should your TSH level be by the way?

misi Wed 30-Jul-08 17:37:58

it will take time for your body to settle, a tsh of 16 is virtually unheard of and your doc should have ordered a new test straightaway.
what I would suggest you ask your doc for if he is amenable, is for a FULL THYROID PANEL blood test. this will also test levels of T3, rT3, TRH as well as the usual TSH and T4's. make sure you have LFT's done too as half your T4's are converted to T3 in your liver, the other half are converted in the cells themselves. MY problem is my liver doesn't convert very well so I rely on the cells only really which is why although my blood saya I am ok, I still have symptoms. if you have a really good doc, ask if you can have a mineral blood test done too to find your selenium level. selenium is an important player in the usage and conversion of T4 to T3, without enough selenium you will not convert and many people are selenium deficient nowadays.
I am afraid this will take time, but you will get there. I ballooned to 19st before they diagnosed hypothyroidism, when I went onto thyroxine, it took nearly 18 months to control and loose weight and I still have to be careful as I go up and down quite easily. but not all doom and gloom, you will get there, you will just have to be a bit more patient I am afraid wink

Lukesmammy Wed 30-Jul-08 22:59:02

Thanks misi - you are so knowledgeable about hypothyroidism! Am due another check on the 20th August to see how my body has adapted to the increase in dose and when I go to discuss the results I will speak to him about the full thyroid panel test.

I actually had a LFT test done a while back, not for any reason related to my thyroid and apparently everything was fine.

Think I may start to take selenium supplements, even if it isn't affecting my thyroid, it can't hurt can it?

Thanks again

misi Wed 30-Jul-08 23:10:24

unless you take a high dosage for a long time, selenium shouldn;t harm you. 50mcg is what you need each day, I have a bottle of 200mcg in my cupboard. I took 200mcg for 3 months then I take one when I remember or feel like it.
liver test sounds good then, I reckon the TSH was wrong last time as if your TSH was really that high your liver enzymes would be all skew wiff (good med term is skew wiff grin)
whens you blood test then? 2 weeks before so maybe around the 6th aug? I would wait till after the blood test or start on a low dose and increase slowly over several weeks.

you should also avoid brassicas unless you cook them to death, like cabbage, broccoli etc. brassicas have a substance in them that can interfere with thyroxine conversion but is destroyed when over cooked. iodine rich foods should be avoided too, as although iodine is only used by the body to make thyroxine, iodine in the diet interefers with your meds and makes the meds less effective. one last bit for tonight grin, take your thyroxine on an empty stomach preferably about 30 mins before food or drink (except water) as this will enable your body to absorb more of the drug. drink a cup of green tea after food if you can as this will help stop your body absorbing too much cholesterol, something hypothyroidics suffer from, high cholesterol and or high triglycerides (sorry that was 2 things!1)

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