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Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 09:46:22

good or bad when slimming???
not following any particular plan, but am doing quite well and because it really fills me up, wanted to know if it could help or hinder my good work?????
anyone shed any light??

Furball Mon 07-Feb-05 09:50:13

Really good, even better if made with water, Best to stick to 1 or 2 oz though.

Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 09:53:20

oops...havent been 'weighing' says 6 heaped desert spoons??donr have any weighing scales???

sansouci Mon 07-Feb-05 10:08:33

I weigh out 3 oz & cook it with part. skimmed milk. No sugar, just a sprinkle of dark muscovado on the top. (I also add some cinnamon & about 10 raisins. Delicious!) Can't be more than 150 cals. Don't make it with whole milk & be sure to weigh out the oats.

SecondhandRose Mon 07-Feb-05 10:09:52

It's great for slimming and a slow release carb too to keep your energy levels up. I just put about half a cereal bowl full in the microwave then fill it up with water and turn it on for a couple of minutes and hope it doesn't get too thick!

Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 10:10:16

thanks sansouci, i do use semi skimmed milk, but dont weigh it
and just eat it plain, will try adding some raisins tho as that sounds nice

sansouci Mon 07-Feb-05 10:11:02

Oh, if you don't have scales, try plain Oat-so-simple. It's pre-measured, it tells you how many cals on the packet & you can make it the microwave.

Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 10:11:15

thats just what i wanted to know second hand rose..bung half a bowl full inyou speak my language

Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 10:11:57

mm, have had oatsosimple, but that tasted very sweet compared to normal ready brek???would that be worse or was it just my taste buds?

sansouci Mon 07-Feb-05 10:17:29

You have to use the unflavoured oatsosimple. Dh bought the golden syrup one by mistake & it was half sugar! You could actually see all the sugar in the packet... naughty!

Furball Mon 07-Feb-05 10:17:54

Evesmama - Oatsosimple comes in different flavours, sounds like you had a flavoured one. They do do a plain one as well.

Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 10:19:55

yeah thought the flavoured ones were gorgeous, but even the plain one tasted sweet to me???

sansouci Mon 07-Feb-05 10:24:59

I don't think so, Evesmama. Have a look at the nutritional info thingy on the side of the box. Anyway, I definitely have lost weight while eating it as is so satisfying & filling!

Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 10:26:40

oooh, thanks. only got ready brek as its on two for one this week, but will look next week when shopping

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Mon 07-Feb-05 13:13:21

ready brek isnt porridge, its flour!

Buy proper organic oats, make it with semi skimmed milk, have a banana chopped up in it and you'll sail through to lunchtime.

Twiglett Mon 07-Feb-05 13:16:25

I don't like porridge made with milk, just with water .. DH says that's a scottish thing

franch Mon 07-Feb-05 13:20:59

Highly recommended - amazing how long it fills you up for. Use semi-skimmed milk, and 1tsp honey if you like.

franch Mon 07-Feb-05 13:21:43

Oats are an excellent 'non-bloat' food too

gingerbear Mon 07-Feb-05 13:21:46

Twiglett, I am with you - water only, perhaps a splash of skimmed milk to cool it down, and some honey.

A small bowl is 2 WW points. Keeps me going til lunchtime and stops me snacking.

noddyholder Mon 07-Feb-05 13:23:54

ready brek etc isn't really porridge I have been having the real stuff on the gi diet but am finding it hard as i love it with sugar Any suggestions for a low sugar topping?BTW it does really fill you up

bran Mon 07-Feb-05 13:46:46

You could try it with fructose noddyholder, it's got a GI of 19, or a little molasses. Tesco sell fructose with the brand name Fruisana.

Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 15:25:24

so is ready brek bad then? as opposed to porridge???really didnt know there was a difference?

bran Mon 07-Feb-05 16:35:05

Evesmama, I haven't checked the ingredients on Ready Brek, but I suspect there is sugar in it. Even if there isn't (like OatsSoSimple), oats are quite finely processed, almost powdery so you would digest it much more quickly (and raise your blood sugar more quickly) than traditional porridge. It's a bit like the difference between granary flour and more processed white flour.

franch Mon 07-Feb-05 16:43:26

Ready Brek ingredients: rolled oats, oat flour, wheat flour, calcium carbonate, malt extract, niacin, iron, pantothenic acid (B5), vitamin B6, riboflavin (B2), thiamin (B1), folic acid, vitamin B12

Porridge ingredients: Oats.

happymerryberries Mon 07-Feb-05 16:48:49

Had proper oats this morning. Made with water, no sugar and splah of skimmed milk and lots of chopped strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Very yummy , very filling and ver good on the GI diet!

Ready beck is just not the same!

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