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I'm going for a 6 week weight loss and self improvement action plan

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Tyme Sun 13-Jul-08 22:57:22

Which I am going to make up for my self.
I'm sick of feeling like a frump. I feel lethargic, grumpy and very unsexy.

I am starting week one tomorrow.
This week, I will;
Start a healthy eating diet including drinking lots of water.
Do 4 lots of exercise
Start a skin care routine

I could do with some help and motivation.
Anyone want to join me?

Poppycake Mon 14-Jul-08 13:26:23

Well done! I'm trying to do a similar thing!

was v good last week (dh was away so once I put the kids to bed I was leaping around like a lunatic in the front room!), but once dh got back it was harder - he leads me astray!! But I just did a half hour session (boxing Davinas 3 half hour workouts) so I feel a bit better now.

Am hopeless at healthy eating tho!!

What's your skincare routine?

Where are you starting from? I'm about stone and a half away from where I should be, but what I care about more is what I lookk like and how I'm going to fit back into my work clothes (answer - buy more in larger size!!).

Hope you're not watching the telly eating an eclair as I type!! Wish I were!!

Tyme Mon 14-Jul-08 14:46:47

I want to lose a stone and half too.
I'm trying to lose 1 stone over 6 weeks and then take it from there.

I've got Davina's dvd. Its good but I've also got a Tae Bo one which I prefer at the moment. Thats 1/2 hr too.

My skincare routine is rubbish at the moment! I'll wash with some Simple stuff and moisturise if I remember.
I'm going to order some stuff from Lush and try that Waitrose bottom cream everyone is going on about!

I'm rubbish at healthy eating too. I'm really going to try though. I'm going to stick to 3 meals a day and snack only on fruit.

When are you going back to work? I'm due to return in Sept! I want to go back and look nice rather than looking like I've aged 10 years in 1!grin

fifisworld Mon 14-Jul-08 15:41:55

I'm also doing this, i've got just over 6 weeks until my holidays and want to lose some weight and tone up. I've cut out all the crap, no snacking, healthier meals and been exercising, ive lost 2lb this week.
I'm also back to work in Oct and want to look much better
Come and join us on here for a weekly weigh in and support

Poppycake Thu 17-Jul-08 13:14:30

ha ha grin yes I've got that don't want to go back to work looking hideous thing!! Unfortunately I'm in on 4 August so that doesn't leave me very long!

So how are you doing? Fifisworld - I looked at your link, but there are already so many people there! Bit scary and I'm a newbie to all this...

I don't think my scales are at all reliable - they're ancient and on a carpet and really only give a kind of estimate. But I'll run up now and try... OK, looks like 10 8, but could be more I'm afraid.

My main prob is my middle - I think it's called apple shape? But one easy way to treat it is with m+s firm control body - it's not unsexy (apparently!) and does hold the old jellybelly in! So I can fit in my work clothes and no one knows what's going on underneath wink

Have done a 30 min Davina mon and tues, and did her power of five pump and box yesterday (I'm not a Davina addict, really! But I do think her (or rather her trainers') exercises are good...

Romy7 Thu 17-Jul-08 17:35:33

me! me! I'm 10 7 and very short... i'm guessing a stone and a half here, but don't really know how to set a target? is there a good link somewhere which tells me what my weight should be? is a stone in 6 weeks realistic if i put my mind to it?

my main problem is procrastination. i mean to do a lot of things, but never really get round to it. hopefully if there are a few of us i might get embarassed into it!

more water and exercise are exactly what i should be doing...

what's davina's dvd like? i need something i can do whlist the dcs look at me like i'm bonkers all through the holidays... otherwise i'll put it off until september as i won't be able to get out and run... unless i take it in turns with dh in the evenings - he needs to lose more than i do... grin

Romy7 Thu 17-Jul-08 17:37:17

poppycake - my dh is a foot taller than i am and after 10 years of marriage hasn't worked out that putting the same amount on my plate as on his is very very bad news. he does cook though, which has to be a winner!

Poppycake Thu 17-Jul-08 18:09:44

Romy: yes, don't put him off the cooking . I put on weight when I first lived with dh cos I put the same amount on each plate - so all my own fault blush

I got the post natal Davina dvd first, which I thought was good, so then was going to get one more - but then went a bit mad on amazon and ended up getting both her "power of 5" and the box set which has the 30 min work outs and the power of 3 (it was v cheap at the time). Not sorry I got both - the 30 mins are good when I'm short of time, but the power of 5 give more of a workout, so I can change about depending.

I defy your dcs to give you any jip when you're doing the boxing... you'll look to scary!!

They are quite full on, but I found after a couple of sessions I was getting into them, feeling fitter and looking better too - hoorah! Definitely felt energised after them too. You can turn off Davina and have the "mostly music" option too, so you don't have to listen to the same "quips" over and over!

Dh away again, so hopefully should have a good few days! Tho I did just have a pb+j for tea wink

Romy7 Fri 18-Jul-08 12:01:34

right, i've ordered the box set. otherwise there's too much choice and i'll just think about it for another month or ten.
i told dh we were on a diet as of today...
he said 'what sort?' i said reducing quantity and exercising more, but i think he's keen on GI... so i'd better dust off the book i didn't read and see whether i can be bothered to follow a plan... i suppose it makes it a bit easier to decide, but...

Poppycake Fri 18-Jul-08 14:23:45

cool - hope you enjoy them!

I haven't plucked up the courage to do the "core stability" section yet. I'm worried I haven't got any!!

But I did just not give into temptation and didn't have a biscuit when the girls were having some for pudding. I am a good person

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