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Quickest way to lose weight?

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Sparkler Sun 13-Jul-08 01:29:25

What's the quickest way that you've lost weight in a short space of time? I've heard all these different types of things, and I know they aren't ideal, such as cabbage soup diet etc etc. Just interested to hear what people have tried in the past and how it worked.
Hope to go on hols at the end of August and am feeling fat and frumpy at the moment.

micci25 Sun 13-Jul-08 01:50:33

my sis went on slimfast and lost loads though she didnt do it the right way!! she only had slimfast!!

UnderRated Sun 13-Jul-08 02:04:25

Honestly, I'm afraid it is the old sensible eating and exercise thing. There are more radical ways (like not eating/ drastically reducing the amount you eat) but they are not good for you. And, when I do it properly, I lose just as much weight as I do when I am not being sensible but feel much better for it.

So, eat wholegrains, fruit, veg, very few white starches/ processed food and do some exercise.

Sorry it's not easier

micci25 Sun 13-Jul-08 02:12:33

actually i agree with ur!! its simple mathemtaics really! eat less energy/calories than you use in a day and you will lose weight!!

do it my sisters way and unless you develop an eating disorder and intend to eat that way all your life (which will make you v v ill) you will put the weight back on once you start eating again!

i find coffee is good for boosting metabolism and staving off hunger! slimfast hunger shots are a good filling snqck too!

Sparkler Sun 13-Jul-08 09:36:21

smile Yes I know you are right. Think I'm trying to find a miracle wink
I know I must eat healthily - it's sooo hard though. I love my food!

watsthestory Sun 13-Jul-08 09:38:12

Message withdrawn

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