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daft question, poss wrong area....but re starting running and weight gain....

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busybeingmum Mon 07-Jul-08 23:01:53

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Tue 08-Jul-08 18:16:17

Can you rely on a tape measure, rather than the scales?

I don't think you'll necessarily gain that much weight, to be fair, but I don't know how you'd work out how much you should gain, iyswim.

Re: eating, if you have sensible eating plans (low-gi, not too much processed foods), and you're exercising loads, you should be able to be relaxed.

gladders Wed 09-Jul-08 10:09:21

cannot provide specifics, but in the lead up to a marathon (ie the last 2-3 months) I allow myself to eat pretty freely - especially lots of carbs and (you will hate me) but my weight goes from about 9 and a half to 10 and a half in the 6 months training.....

It doesn't look awful as it is muscle, but I feel heavy and also have a mental block (with 10 rather than 8!) - so am now strugging to get back down.

If you are going to do this, you will have to ignore the scales for a few months.....

busybeingmum Sat 19-Jul-08 19:56:55

Message withdrawn

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