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I've just stood on some body fat scales

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mummytummy Sun 30-Jan-05 22:22:09

my DH bought me some Rosemary Conely scales for Xmas that tell you your body fat, and I have just stood on them. I am 41% fat!! I had DD2 9 months ago now, and am comfortably in a pair of 12 jeans - but apparently I'm 10% over what I should be. My mum, who is a size 18/20 only measured 39% fat! Has anyone else had any shock results from these?

vict17 Sun 30-Jan-05 22:23:42

I've never tried them but at you fitting into size 12 jeans - I've got a 10 month ds and I'm still in size 14 jeans (except one pair from Next which are 12 but only cos there hipsters and my flabby tummy can hang over them!!

mummytummy Sun 30-Jan-05 22:26:34

I bet you'd get a lower body fat reading than me though!! I can't believe my mum has less fat!!

misdee Sun 30-Jan-05 22:28:14

if i stepped onto them i bet i'd break them lol.

Caligula Sun 30-Jan-05 22:29:52

Could you maybe go and try out another pair of the scales in a shop and see if you get the same results? It doesn't sound very likely to me. Is your Mum much much taller than you?

mummytummy Sun 30-Jan-05 22:32:45

No, she is the same height - mind you, I had just eating a family pack of cheesy balls (sounds a bit dodgy that! ), so maybe I'll try tomorrow morning - oh well, looks like I'm eating lettuce for the rest of the week!

Caligula Sun 30-Jan-05 22:34:45

I think the scales are wrong.

Hope that's cheered you up!

mummytummy Sun 30-Jan-05 22:36:04

Ooooh - I love you Caligula !!!!

ChicPea Sun 30-Jan-05 22:37:14

That doesn't sound right.

Caligula Sun 30-Jan-05 22:43:17

Cardigan Sun 30-Jan-05 22:46:07

Sounds wrong!! - nothing wrong with size 12 or any size if your happy and healthy. Recycle these scales and next time get your dh to get you something fabulous and lovely

mummytummy Sun 30-Jan-05 22:51:24

Yes, I'm amazed I wasn't offended by his gift!! He did get me lots of nice stuff too, so he is off the hook.

woodpops Mon 31-Jan-05 08:58:59

I agree, it does sound wrong. Go on the lighterlife website you can calculate your bmi on there!!! I'm a size 12 jean and a bmi of 24.

lunavix Mon 31-Jan-05 09:37:33

I have some I got for christmas from MIL's mother, they told me that my BMI (apparently they don't use the conventional one, they use their own which is more accurate) is 41! I'm 9st 5, and a size 10, and I know that I'm a bit heavy ( I have a small frame, and am 5'3) but I cannot believe my BMI is 41...

Demented Sat 05-Feb-05 11:17:55

Just seen this, I bought new scales last year and was going to buy BMI measuring ones until I did some research on the net. Apparently they are very inaccurate and things like drinking a pint of water can sway the results.

noddyholder Sat 05-Feb-05 11:20:20

how do they measure it from just standing on scales?

Demented Sat 05-Feb-05 11:42:21

Roisin posted this on another thread:-

Healthy weight range is 20-25 BMI, which is the following:
5'0" - 7.4 - 9.2
5'1" - 7.8 - 9.6
5'2" - 7.11 - 9.11
5'3" - 8.1 - 10.1
5'4" - 8.5 - 10.6
5'5" - 8.8 - 10.10
5'6" - 8.12 - 11.1
5'7" - 9.2 - 11.6
5'8" - 9.6 - 11.10

Judging by this chart at 9.5 you are fine Lunavix.

The BMI charts are by no means conclusive either though. I believe the most accurate way to have your BMI measured is by calipers or in a tank of water but if you are in your healthy weight range you can't go far wrong.

Don't know exactly how the scales are supposed to work.

Catbert Sat 05-Feb-05 11:51:28

Isn't it something to do with far conducting electricity in a different way to muscle? v. small electrical charge eminates from these things up through your feet and measures the response? I don't know - I can't remember exactly... But if you are not "toned" you can be small and still have a high body fat ratio? I have always been quite light and small framed, but VERY unfit, and last time my body fat was checked (before children I hasten to add - it's probably worse now!) it was 30% - I was shocked too! I felt like a pork scratching!

Dior Sat 05-Feb-05 13:19:19

Message withdrawn

Swilt Sat 05-Feb-05 13:23:45

I do wonder how accurate those scales are. According to healthy weight range, I'd be slightly underweight, and yet my BMI is 28.

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