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Put on 3lb this week,.

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BubblesDeVere Sat 29-Jan-05 10:04:40

Just had my weekly weigh in and I have put on 3lb, which I expected really, it has been totm and I have been very very ill with it and crave stodgy foods, this time it was pancakes and gravy as well as copious amounts of chocolate.

So, now I have just lost the 10lb. I am hoping to lose the 3lb next week and a bit more, I am going away in a week or so with dd1 & dd2, to see a friend and would like to have lost a little more before I go.

Kayleigh Sat 29-Jan-05 10:23:24

You have my sympathy honey. I am up and down like a yo-yo at the moment. Had a good week two weeks ago but then last week was ill and missed weigh-in and for some reason have made that an excuse to eat whatever I can lay my hands on. Have had a bad cold and sore throat and have just craved carbs. Hate to think what next weeks weigh-in will be

Stay positive. 10lb loss is still a great achievement.

BubblesDeVere Sat 29-Jan-05 10:38:04

Thanks Kayleigh, its nice to know that I'm not alone, I find it hard, because, although I have support of family and friends and a couple are actually wanting to lose weight nobody has as much as me to lose if you know what i mean.

marthamoo Sat 29-Jan-05 10:39:32

I've stuck to my points allowance rigidly this week, went one and a half points over yesterday, and was 2.5lbs heavier this morning. It doesn't make any sense !!!

PuffTheMagicDragon Sat 29-Jan-05 10:48:00

I know it can feel daunting having a lot to lose, but you can do it . If I stay the same or put on weight one week, I try to look at the overall picture, which is a positive one because my weight is going in the right direction.

KatieinSpain Sat 29-Jan-05 11:26:39

Hi Bubbles,

Puff's right - you are going in the right direction. You are still a whole half stone lighter! Yes, this is the long haul but this time next year ..... (longing face!).

I am shifting the weight so slowly (half pound a week) that I get disheartened (beer and crisps last night!) but this morning it is back to it.

I have been in and out of the GI threads - some of their recipes are right up my street - and then, knowing other MNs are up and down too, does help.

Good luck for next week, hope you are feeling better. Let us know how it's going.

Dior Sat 29-Jan-05 15:20:01

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Sat 29-Jan-05 20:28:32

dont worry bubbles, youve done so well,im sure you can sort it out once you feel 'better'

although i dont get weighed til mondays, i sneak a look each ay and am v.v.dissapointed to see that i seem to have put a pound on????
hand on heart, i have had a better week than the last two???so, now its time to start the 'healthy eating!!, previously, just cut out takeaways and choc(still had no choc!!)and eating crap between meals, but obviously now, i need to do a bit will be hammering the excersize bike, bopping along to my excersize vid and trying to find 'better' foods

BubblesDeVere Tue 01-Feb-05 21:07:10

Dior, never thought about saving points, I will try it next time, but, I have ALOT of trouble with totm and I never know when it is due and sometimes it lasts for 5 days or as much as 14 so I feel very very drained and according to doctors only bordering on anaemic so they can't really give me anything.

Dior Wed 02-Feb-05 18:36:31

Message withdrawn

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