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Liz Hurley one-meal-a-day diet

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dinny Thu 27-Jan-05 13:51:52

Reckon it works foe mere mortals or does metabolism just get buggered up?

piffle Thu 27-Jan-05 13:53:23

I'd rather stay overweight! if it is as literal as it sounds.

bundle Thu 27-Jan-05 13:54:08

all healthy eating plans suggest little & often. once a day sends your body into starvation mode, surely??

dinny Thu 27-Jan-05 13:55:16

says she has just one meal, even if "that means going to bed hungry". Bet her one meal is tiny too. Quite appeals to me if it works as am quite good at going for ages without food - always thought it was not good for weightloss though.

bundle Thu 27-Jan-05 14:01:01

another reason to hate her i suppose....

aloha Thu 27-Jan-05 14:08:21

I think at least she's honest about what it takes to be that thin. I actually prefer it to all the models/actresses who say, "Oh, I eat chocolate all day and look at me!" Because it's crap. They all starve (unless they are 18) - it's a way of life for people whose livelihood relies on being a size 8. I think most of us would rather not be hungry all the time and be a bit bigger.
I think it's almost funny that she has been the subject of so much vitriol for saying this - Cliff Richard said much the same thing about 30 years ago without attracting criticism.
There is little evidence of metabolism being something you can damage, actually.

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 27-Jan-05 18:35:35

She is sooooo thin though - it's true what they say about the camera putting on lbs.

I saw her in Henley - she came and sat on the table next to me and dh in a teashop there (meeting her Mum I think). She is like a stick - a small 8 and she isn't short. What did surprise me is that she has quite bad skin - lots of acne scars on her cheeks - I suppose this is all airbrushed out of photos. She is a beautiful woman though - good bone structure.

vict17 Thu 27-Jan-05 18:41:15

ah but do you think she eats fruit all day and then just one meal? It's very hard to not eat all day without feeling faint and if she's rushing about going to modelling shoots etc surely she'd need some kind of energy?

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