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Second Weigh In

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BubblesDeVere Sat 22-Jan-05 06:05:43

Morning all,

I have had my second weigh in this morning, and I've lost 3lbs this week. Making it a total of 13lb in two weeks.

Must be honest, after last weeks 10lb less I was dissappointed with 3lbs, but I know I have to be realistic, I know I can't possibly lose 10lbs a week and remain healthy.

I am using my hypnosis tapes about twice a day and I'm noticing I'm not interested in snacks etc, usually after weigh in I get myself a sandwich with loads of mayo and cheese, olives on etc, but don't really fancy one today, so hopefully the tapes are working their magic.

BubblesDeVere Sat 22-Jan-05 13:29:42


miam Sat 22-Jan-05 13:32:05

13lbs in 2 weeks !!!!!! Wow - that is absolutely fabulous! 3lb is a very substantial weight loss bubbles - you should be very very proud of yourself!

Evesmama Sat 22-Jan-05 13:54:25

well done bubbles3lb is a fabulous loss!!!

coppertop Sat 22-Jan-05 14:36:56

Well done, Bubbles! 3lb is a brilliant weight loss. Congratulations on losing nearly a stone in 2 weeks too.

champs Sat 22-Jan-05 17:49:25

well done bubbles!!

Evesmama Fri 28-Jan-05 09:55:53

how are you this week

BubblesDeVere Sat 29-Jan-05 14:19:57

Hiya Evesmamma,

I gained 3lb this week, .

I knew that I would though, had a bad couple of days where I just craved stodgy food. Back to it today though, so aiming for 4lb next week.

Evesmama Sat 29-Jan-05 20:29:38

posted on your other one honey...dont worry, its more of a marathon, its not a race, so take your time and take in the sights!!!

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