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Slendertone belts, do they work?

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used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 07:48:48

I've searched old messages and some seem to say they do but does anyone use them still? Would they have the same effect as doing sit ups every day for example? And are they difficult to use or is that just the thigh and bum ones? I used to do an abs class where I used to live and have really noticed the difference since I stopped going. I'm going to try to go to the gym once a week, power walk/run once a week and have ordered some excercise dvds to do as often as I can but I find sit ups hard due to a neck/shoulder injury.

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 13:27:27


fizzbuzz Sun 01-Jun-08 14:16:35

Not for me sad

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:14:40

Oh no Fizzbuzz and did you use it regularly? I was hoping to get lots of people saying oh yes I now have a flat toned stomach no effort required lol! Seriously though I wonder if the cheaper versions you can get are just the same? And there is a stronger one of the slendertones too whats that all about?

fizzbuzz Sun 01-Jun-08 19:21:57

I used it for 5 weeks with no differnce. I know it says 6 weeks, but I figured something would be happening after 5 weeks

PussinJimmyChoos Sun 01-Jun-08 19:24:01

<thread hi jack - Thin!! Mwah!! have been texting you from mine and DH's phone - no luck. But both our phones seem to be fine - what about yours??>

micci25 Sun 01-Jun-08 19:25:25

i have the ab belt and the total body system am not using them atm because i am really really really lazy and even just putting them on is too much effort grin actually the belt ran out of batteries and i have never gotten around to buying more. lol the total body system is too faffy with too many wires and straps everywhere, so i hardly used that.

they do work if you are slim enough to 'see' the difference. but there is no point having nice toned abs if they are covered by a layer of fat, which mine would be now! they dont burn calories so wouldnt help you lose weight but they do tone muscle.

if you do them with diet and cardio they are very efffective that is what i did after dd1 and i lost my weight easily and my tummy had never looked so toned.

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:31:12

Mm mixed results then...I have got a layer of fat but only have around 7-10lbs to lose and will be doing it wth excercise too, and diet when I manage itwink but Fizzbuzz that sounds a long time I would expect to see a result in 5 weeks too! Did either of you feel that it improved your posture at all? I find sit ups hard becuase of my neck but when I went to that class I was definately doing better posture wise so it was helping support my back iyswim.

Puss! Did you get my texts though? Thats really odd because my phone just says same as before, waiting on all delivery reports. I'll text someone else and see...

maidamess Sun 01-Jun-08 19:31:56

They only work if you buckle it round your gob.

PussinJimmyChoos Sun 01-Jun-08 19:35:31

No....sadno texts from you all day! Had texts from Dh and Mum though - Mum is orange and DH is O2...I'm orange.....I think its your network but obv could be wrong

Let DS have some botty time today as he has a rash and the little tyke pissed all over my Billy DVD case!! DH thought was funny as doesn't approve of my crush on Billy! ha ha!!

If I dash off its cos DS in meltdown...he doesn't want to go to bed!

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:36:56

No haven't sent any today as thought my ones from last night didnt go through?

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:37:50

grin maidamess That would sort me out!

micci25 Sun 01-Jun-08 19:39:19

i never really considered my posture so i cant really answer that sorry, plus i lost a lot of wieght after dd1 so my posture would have improved by that too.

there are other more active things that you do other than sit ups you know and they burn claories so would also help you lose weight.

yoga is supopsed to be good at core trainng and pilates especxailly 'the bridge' pose. but the bridge is really really hard and there is the ab roller, ab swing, 6 second abs etc

PussinJimmyChoos Sun 01-Jun-08 19:39:36

You could try - that may clear the backlog....this is weird...we haven't had this prob before!

Pmsl at Slendertone belts on the gob - would sort me out too! Just made a choc gateaux!!!

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:41:24

Puss my mum just tried and it didnt work but my message went through to her ok despite saying waiting on the report. Fgs DD is not up for another trip to town(disastrous one this am) Werd that it happened in reverse the other night, my messages not going through to your phone. Maybe vodafone thinks I'm taking advantage of the free texts!

PussinJimmyChoos Sun 01-Jun-08 19:43:42

If that was the case though, you wouldn't be able to text your mum iyswim? I think its a receiving thing with your phone...try turning it off (for 2 mins or so) and taking the sim out and then re-starting it...that sometimes works!

Soz to hear town trip a disaster! I've found with DS that the older he is getting, the less tolerant he is of shops - he hates the buggy for too long and gets bored!

mybrainaches Sun 01-Jun-08 19:43:51

What the bridge pose?

The plank exersice is supposed to be great for your abs, and you only need to do 2 a day.

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:44:56

micci25 I used to do pilates but find I just can't getout enough to do classes regularly enough so just wanted to do something as an extra iyswim. Plus I am lazygrin Used to have one of those ab roller things I think, hurt my neck too though. It was probably because I didnt do it properly. What is the 6 second abs thing though that sounds more manageable?

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:47:09

Ah yes they used to do the plank thing at my class, I was never that good at it but could feel that it worked.

micci25 Sun 01-Jun-08 19:48:11

amazon is the cheapest the actaul branded six second abs off the home shopping channel (thane direct i think) are about £60 but these look exactly the same

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:50:34

Oh right never seen those before. I am quite tempted. I fear it may go the same way as the "skiing machine" that I had for my eigteenth birthday and used once though!

micci25 Sun 01-Jun-08 19:50:55

i think the bridge is just the plank? where you support youself on your forearms and hold your body up using your abs to stabilise you? a bit like press ups but not moving up and down? the dvd i learnt it off called it the bridge pose but is probably the same thing as the plank.

used2bthin Sun 01-Jun-08 19:59:01

Sounds same thing as I did at my class may try and do a couple. Wish I'd been able to keep that class up. It was like many things, I didnt notice till I stopped that it was working. Thanks for your advice and the link though. Better sort out my grumpy DD.

fimbley Mon 02-Jun-08 10:17:07

I've got thigh and bum slendertone shorts,dont use it atm,but when i did,(and i did every day for over a year!) it really really worked .
Batteries last long time as well,that was one of my worries before getting it as didn't want to spend a fortune replacing them.
I'd love to get the ab belt but just can't afford it right now

used2bthin Mon 02-Jun-08 13:04:57

Oh thanks Fimbley that sounds good! I am really tempted, I can't work out why some of the belts are cheaper than others though, even slendertone has two with different prices does anyone know what thats all about?

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