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fatkatyslim Tue 27-May-08 15:43:23

i haven't got a clue but i bet we can find outwink
ok,let's have a big push for the summer.7lbs in 3 weeks?
sounds like a challenge to me grin

LisaLessLumpy Tue 27-May-08 16:26:11

too much of a challenge for me. I was hoping to lose 5lb by the end of June grin

fatkatyslim Tue 27-May-08 17:06:53

you'll do 5lbs easy.
anything would be a bonus for me at the moment.i feel really bloated and uncomfortable today

pollywobbledoodle Tue 27-May-08 17:24:16

katy,great thread title! grin

can my guess be 120 in the xl size.....

pollywobbledoodle Tue 27-May-08 17:59:33

however if it is these i reckon a couple of 100 each!

pollywobbledoodle Tue 27-May-08 18:00:32

don't even get me started (arf, arf) on the edible posing pouch or strawberry thongs!

fatkatyslim Tue 27-May-08 18:21:06

i might take the edible lovering with me when i meet you and susiewink
you never know who i might meet pmsl

i wonder if it's low fat? grin

mmmm chocolate body paint......

belcantavinissima Tue 27-May-08 18:51:50

hellooo again thanks for pointing me in the right direction katy.
not been to ww for [shame] 5 weeks or so blush. but basically not lost anything but not gained either afaaik. weird eh? def going to go next week and try and sort myself out. mn meet up down my way tomorrow smile

fatkatyslim Tue 27-May-08 20:15:47

glad to have you back bel x
i've lost a whole pound this month so am giving myself a kick up the bum before the next round of sunshinehmm
i need to do my stepper so that is my aim for this weeksmile

pollywobbledoodle Tue 27-May-08 20:47:26

katy, remember to wear the posing pouch INSIDE your clothes or you might attract the wrong sort of attention....

i'm going for 7 in 4 weeks.....that allows me to have a duff week this week after my bank holiday splurges..

brekkie...2 crumpets
lunch tuna salad sarnie
mids...a carrot, slice melon
eve...steamed fish, braised red cabbage, carrots, baked potato. stewed fruit and a bit of yoghurt

LisaLessLumpy Tue 27-May-08 21:18:14

Evening all.

DS is on the mend I think, only two pukes today. I took him to the docs anyway and he thinks he has got gastroenteritis which can last up to 8 days. This was the 5th day so hopefully the vomitting will stop soon.

Just started AF this evening, not happy, only 24 days after the start of the last one hmm this means weightloss tomorrow will probably be low. Also not managed any exercise this week due to bad weather and being stuck in with sick boys. Must try harder as of tomorrow.

fatkatyslim Wed 28-May-08 07:49:32

morning lasdies
i'm off to fasr club i a vit but have got a really baad migarainr and wan to go back to be d.i wan t ot skip it but don't want to let my ffriend down.
i've too k some tablers so i'll see hoe i go

LisaLessLumpy Wed 28-May-08 08:29:40

Oh dear, you are typing like you are drunk... must be bad

Jahan Wed 28-May-08 09:15:47

Just a quick one -
Congratulations LMG! Thats brilliant news! grin
We all knew he would, didn't we? grin
You'll be a stunning bride in that gorgeous dress.

I've lost another lb.

OK Katy, I shall take you up on the challenge but am going to take 4 weeks as am staying at my mums this weekend so no dieting will be going on! (though won't be going madm - just portion control)

LLL - hope your ds gets better soon. poor thing.

Katy - Ugh. It must be bad one. Hope the tablets work. Take care.

LisaLessLumpy Wed 28-May-08 09:21:03

I have just registered to do the GMTV 6 week bikini diet grin

Oh and I have lost 2lb this week grin

fatkatyslim Wed 28-May-08 09:58:25

hiya jahn <<<wave>>>
well done on the 2lbs lllgrin fantastic!
i can see again now,i just feel like i have been run over by a bus so i'm going to try and take it easy today hmm
didn't go to fat club so will have to wait until next

pollywobbledoodle Wed 28-May-08 10:36:04

well done lisa!

poor you katy....i thought cod had taken you over for a minutegrin

still horrible weather here, pantry is now leaking.....don't like having builders in already!...only 10 weeks to go!

back to mopping and emptying the pantry....

Jahan Wed 28-May-08 10:44:41

Lisa - Well done. That will really help.

I have just signed up for a 6 week pilate course starting next week.
I am going to treat that 6 week as a total 'self improvement' period.
I am going to diet strictly, drink loads of water, attend gym or walk at least twice a week, get my hair done and have a facial and go to bed by 11.

I am going to phone book my hair and facial now for next week and the week after.

Jahan Wed 28-May-08 10:45:13

HAs anyone seen Susies thread in chat? She's having a really bad time sad

fatkatyslim Wed 28-May-08 11:03:15

i texted susie earlier.i didn't see her thread until this morningsad poor thing.
i'm going to phone her later x
good for you with the 6 week plan jahan.
i started body scrubbing and moisturising all over everyday last skin feels so much bettersmile

fatkatyslim Wed 28-May-08 11:05:23

sorry about the typing lol
it made sense to me.i'm just glad i caught it when i did or they can go on for days.
they are hormone related and af is due saturday,i suppose the amount of diet coke i have been drinking won't helpshock
note to self....DRINK MORE WATER

WilfSell Wed 28-May-08 11:11:14

Can I just congratulate you on the best thread title this week? grin

I might join you <ponders packet of biscuits...>

fatkatyslim Wed 28-May-08 11:24:17

why thank yougrin
you are more than welcome to join us BUT are you prepared to join in the initiation?wink

LisaLessLumpy Wed 28-May-08 11:25:03

Oh susie, my heart goes out to you it really does xx

WilfSell Wed 28-May-08 11:29:52

...erm, does the initiation involve edible nipple tassles, perchance?

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