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Mumsnet Mamas 2005 Week 1!

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Yorkiegirl Fri 14-Jan-05 19:30:17

Message withdrawn

Distracted Fri 14-Jan-05 19:41:09

Hello - well I have started trying to be good about what I eat this week and yesterday went to the gym for the first time (I'm stiff today now), as well as walking into town and back (1 mile each way), so feeling quite pleased with myself. However, I weighed myself today and have put on 2 lb in the last week . It was lunchtime and I usually weigh myself first thing, but think I'm kidding mself if I thkn that would make 2 lb worth of difference.

scaltygirl Fri 14-Jan-05 19:41:44

Message withdrawn

karenanne Fri 14-Jan-05 19:42:05

hi yorkie,
ive been quite good all week ,despite being surrounded by ill exercise has slipped abit from last week by ive just come down with the lurgy now so promise to do more next week.
also do we post our weights on here or email you and when?

Yorkiegirl Fri 14-Jan-05 19:51:23

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Fri 14-Jan-05 21:20:38

hows everyones day been ?

Yorkiegirl Fri 14-Jan-05 21:24:23

Message withdrawn

marj Fri 14-Jan-05 21:50:26

Hello Yorkiegirl. Can I join the diet thing. Have just rejoined weight watchers as i am rather fat. Would be good to get some support from others who are trying to be good. Its so hard sometimes! What do i have to do? Am brand new to this mumsnet thing.

Evesmama Fri 14-Jan-05 21:51:52

have emailed you yorkie???is your name anything to do with your fave choc????
felt hungry all day today. time of month almost and craving rubbish and sugar, ive had

2 weetabix for breakfast
egg and sausage bun in cafe before playgroup!!
bottle of water
little box of raisins
banan sandwhich in two slices wholemeal bread and
glass of lemonade for lunch
rocky biscuit
lasagne and chips for tea(slimming world chips)
2 slices of wholemeal with butter
3 weetabix for supper

and now sil has rang to ask if she, her dh and her dd can come over tomorrow..normally bring cake and we order out....well we've only just became 'friendly' again after a fall out over christmas, so as things arnt as they were as such, ill make sure we have lunch before they get here, so if they don bring cake, at least ill have had a healthy lunch.

Yorkiegirl Fri 14-Jan-05 21:59:56

Message withdrawn

coppertop Fri 14-Jan-05 22:09:40

I'm hoping that joining the MN pedometer club will help me on my way. I even walked into town today instead of catching the bus (about 2.5 miles).

We're still trying to use up the chocolates and biscuits from Christmas so it's hard to hand them to my ds'es without wanting to have some too. So far so good though. <fingers crossed emoticon>

Evesmama Fri 14-Jan-05 22:12:51

for the first time in my life, i actually gave my christmas choccys away!!! i couldnt believe it myself!!! gave then to dp to take to work(not worked there long, so all the chocoholic women love us now)

Loobz Sat 15-Jan-05 09:12:23

P**sed off! Went back to slimming world and lost 3lbs this week. Was feeling really pleased with myself cos I don't lose weight quickly but two supposedly funny comments from quys at work yesterday really got to me. We were talking about buying a corporate membership for one of the soft play areas near us to take some of the kids that we work with to and were havign a laugh about us going into the play areas with the kids. My bosses comment was that I'd need to lose weight first - of course he claims it was a joke! The second was from another guy at work about the size of my boobs. I came home feeling really low last night thinking what's the point and was a bit of a pig but still well within my sin allowance but what is it with some people that they thinkits okay to take the p**s like that? Glad it's the weekend!!!!

miam Sat 15-Jan-05 10:13:15

Loobz. Some people are prats - don't waste your time worrying about it. And congrats on the 3lbs - that is fabulous.

I had a bit of a dodgy day yesterday. My boss took me out for lunch unexpectedly and there was nothing on the menu that I could have (well, that was my excuse anyway...). So had a baked potato, cheese and coleslaw. Not too bad, but not good for food combining! Then last night went mad and had loads of cashew nuts (yummmmmm) and a bottle of wine (yummmmmmmmmmmmmm)! Mind you, I have lost 3lbs this week and this is the start of a new week for me, so I will be extra good now. Want to be under 9.7 by this time next week.

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 12:34:04

Loobs - I've had nasty comments about my weight for years, but you never really get used to them. Console yourself with the fact that you can lose weight, but the guys at work will always be prats.

I've been looking at some of the other dieting threads but they're all too depressing for me; if women of 12 and 13 stone think they're big fat heifers, what chance have I got? . My starting weight is bang on 20 stone ... so most of you can take heart, you're not the biggest here by a long chalk.

I've decided to give the GI diet a try, and at the moment it seems too easy! I'm not feeling deprived or hungry (but give it time, give it time). Although I was naughty and had a Starbucks latte this morning ... resisted the cinnamon swirl though

Yorkiegirl Sat 15-Jan-05 15:05:28

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 15:18:15

Oh, I quite agree, Yorkie - I didn't mean to imply that people who only have a little to lose shouldn't be complaining about it ... just that I would feel uncomfortable admitting to be as big as I am on a thread where 13 stone was seen as being enormous!

It used to amaze me that stick-thin women would come along to my old RC classes wanting to lose just a few pounds - but it was as hard for them to lose the weight as it was for me.

Loobz Sat 15-Jan-05 15:18:48

I went back to sw with my friend who has 4 and a half stones to lose. She had two chinese meals and a bottle of wine at the weekend - lost 4 and a hlaf pounds and moaned it wasn't enough. Must admit I was begining to get annoyed with her.
I am consoling myself with that thought Wigwambam - I don't normally let them get to me but every now and again it catches you off guard. I am determined though!!!
Must admit I moan about being 12 stone but I'm only 5ft 3in so I feel I look like a weeble

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 15:22:16

But hopefully you're not going to describe yourself as a heifer and make me feel even worse about being the size of a house

scaltygirl Sat 15-Jan-05 17:12:31

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 17:30:12

WWB puts her foot in it again ...

I wasn't saying that only people with a lot to lose shouldn't be here, I wasn't even saying that people with only a little to lose shouldn't want to lost it! Just that I was going to join in on another thread but felt uncomfortable because people were calling themselves heifers and I'm nearly twice their size!

Ten pounds overweight or ten stone, it's all the same to me, we all want to lose it and we all need encouragement and company to do it ... please don't take what I said the wrong way or I shall have to shuffle off and cry into my All Bran ...

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 17:32:01

I hate feeling that I've upset people, I really meant no offence to anyone, I was just making a comment on how I felt, not aimed at anyone in particular ... now I feel horribly guilty at having opened my big mouth.

Yorkiegirl Sat 15-Jan-05 17:55:46

Message withdrawn

marj Sat 15-Jan-05 17:57:49

I probably need to lose about 6 stone and I think that this message board will be a real help for me. Dont worry WWB, no-one would have been offended by your comments, if they were then they have taken it the wrong way. I can understand where you were coming from. I will struggle I know it, but hopefully will get there eventually with a bit of support. I hope so anyway!

Loobz Sat 15-Jan-05 18:16:57

Hi Wigwambam, I promise not to refer to myself as a heifer, just a weeble
On a serious note you are entitled to describe how you feel and I doubt if you've offended anyone.

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