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Mummypoppins and oneliein breast reduction diet support thread........feel free to join

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mummypoppins Tue 13-May-08 17:23:25

MP and Oneliein are both dieting to lose weight for a BR operation.

Feel free to join, esp if you have doe=ne the same or had the operation.

Low carb , plenty of water and only the odd glass of wine as a treat!

2.5 stone to go.........wey hey!

mummypoppins Tue 13-May-08 17:46:26

So I will weight tomorrow and make Weds weigh in day. Intend to do half cambridge and half lean protein and veg .still have tean and coffee as I cant do without my morning tea!!

Intend to have the operation end of September / beg of Oct.

I am sitting here so uncomfortable. My shoulders ache........I have permant marks where my bras all dig in and I am fed up with it tbh. Just wishes I had bitten the bullet earlier.

AtheneNoctua Tue 13-May-08 17:58:35

Excuse me, mummypoppins, could you save all your wine consumption for one particular night?

ZeMNetterWithZeBigBoobies Tue 13-May-08 22:36:53

Okay, I need to do this. BMI is 30, so I've got some way to go.

mummypoppins Wed 14-May-08 07:18:52

great thats 3 of us. Weight 13 stone. Need to be 10 and a half but surgeon said if I dont quite get there not to worry so my target is 11st and then I will go and get a date booked. Aiming to have it done middle of September. Cant wait.

Good luck in dieting today post in tonight,

OneLieIn Sat 17-May-08 23:50:53

Sorry totally lost you....

I am 13stone, was 13 stone 7 and have lost 7 which is good. I seem to have some form of mental block at a stone point and cannot go below a figure - I will do this week though. Maybe, I should start weighing in kilos instead?

Have also very very very surprisingly started running - wearing 2 sports bras, very tight crop top with fitted bit inside - just need bandages to complete it!!

Anyway, on a mission to shift this lard - keep holding my breasts up and trying to shift them around to imagine what it would be like with little ones - I cannot wait.

mummypoppins Tue 20-May-08 11:16:25

yes sorry lost you too. have been in hospital with DS and all a bit stressful. Not had a good week but back on track. keep posting

OneLieIn Tue 20-May-08 21:11:08

Hey, sorry to hear about your DS - is he OK?

OneLieIn Tue 20-May-08 21:11:26

And are you OK too?

lulu2 Tue 10-Jun-08 12:58:50

I desperately want a breast reduction and am dieting like mad to lose weight. Are you having the operation privately or on NHS? My Gp has said that i cannot have this op on NHS as they are currently not doing cosmetic surgery..
Just looking for a bit of advice as i am just starting out on the small boob journey!

TheMadHouse Tue 10-Jun-08 13:01:25

Can I join please

I am was 98kg (i am now 96) need to be 80kg before my double profolatic mastectomy and reconstruction. That is if I have the tummy tuck type of surgery. I am too aiming for October time.

I have a breast cancer gene, so need this operation, but I am having ovaries and tubes removed on 21 July smile

TheMadHouse Tue 10-Jun-08 13:02:10

I am currently a 36H or a 38G

mummypoppins Tue 10-Jun-08 13:57:31

hello ladies..........delighted this has come back online. I want it done privately but have 2 stone to go before surgeon will agree.

I am working out with a personal trainer once a week and now keeping a food diary to try and identify my trigger factors.

Shall we have a list of goals and weekly weigh ins ?


OneLieIn Mon 15-Sep-08 13:20:05

Are we all still around???

mummypoppins Tue 16-Sep-08 11:54:41

Im here but just as heavy !!

You ??

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