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Leaving a Slimming Club before reaching target?

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Demented Mon 10-Jan-05 20:32:59

I have posted this on the Slimming World thread but thought perhaps I should start my own thread in case those who have left a slimming club don't look at the Slimming World thread IYKWIM.

I started Slimming World last week and so far love the diet I have had my first loss, bought a book and next week plan to buy another book, after that I am happy to go it alone, can't really afford the time or the money (although will buy the magazine which should keep me in touch with what's going on).

Basically I've never been a slimming club member before and I would like to know how you go about leaving. Should I inform my consultant? Do I have to give notice? Will they want my free book back? (this would be a big problem!) or do I just not go back? Do they phone you to check up?

Sorry for so many questions it's just that I have checked the terms and conditions and it say nothing about leaving but does say that the book they give you at your first class is the property of Slimming World.

Demented Mon 10-Jan-05 20:34:12

Oh and the book should only be used by a fully paid up Slimming World member which I suppose I wouldn't be if I left. There are so many of these books for sale on e-bay that it makes me think that they probably don't take them back but wondered if there was a way to make sure they definately didn't!

Demented Mon 10-Jan-05 21:09:16

Nobody ever left a slimming club? Don't believe you!

Yorkiegirl Mon 10-Jan-05 21:14:03

Message withdrawn

Demented Mon 10-Jan-05 21:21:39

Thanks Yorkiegirl (I know you were telling me to keep going on the other thread but in addition to the time/money I don't feel comfortable in the class, I know early days, and after losing on my own last year it doesn't bother me). When I think of it now the consultant is so disorganised I don't suppose she would notice if a member didn't turn up, she didn't even announce my loss tonight! Grrrrr!!!

choclover Wed 26-Jan-05 17:45:10

Ive left classes before and they never ask for books back, i agree with goin it alone, except you sometimes think if you're paying you have to loose weight to justify spending the money. Slimming World is excellent diet, easy to adapt to full-time and you've no need to be hungry ever. good luck x

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