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SLIMMING WORLD - Summer's almost here.....let's lose those lb's!

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toadette Wed 30-Apr-08 13:10:14

Hi everyone smile

Nice new thread for us all x

Furball Wed 30-Apr-08 15:55:52


Just putting my paw print here so it pops up in 'threads I'm on'

weigh in - not til tomorrow, had a 'not gone over my syn allowence each day week' so fingers crossed - only need 3 1/2 lbs for my first stone, but doubt it will happen tomorrow, fingers crossed for next week as I've tried soooo hard and wanted to loose a stone in 6 weeks, which is what I'm still on track for. Clothes are only just feeling a bit looser though, looking forward to my trousers 'just' falling down! wink

nappyaddict Wed 30-Apr-08 16:42:15

had a really good day today but i am starving now so gotta hold out until dinner's ready. normally i would be cracking open the crisps.

toadette Wed 30-Apr-08 17:46:35

Sounds like we've all had a good day so farsmile

I've had yoghurt and fruit for brekkie, a cheese and salad wholemeal roll for lunch and a syn-free curry simmering in slowcooker for dinner (I'm on a GREEN day so will fill up with lots of rice).

Good luck with weigh-in, furball. I had a stone to lose too - 8.5lbs off so far, 5.5 to go, but it's taking me a lot longer than 6 weeks after straying off-plan for a few weeksangry!

nappyaddict Wed 30-Apr-08 18:05:19

what do you lot make of quorn mince?

Furball Wed 30-Apr-08 18:23:37

bleugh! and double bleugh NA! - I'd rather have a HE2 and have proper mince

I do just about tolerate quorn sausage though

nappyaddict Wed 30-Apr-08 18:31:48

has anyone made the butter bean recipe featured this week?

Ledodgy Wed 30-Apr-08 18:32:55

Quorn mince is nice in a chilli the secret with quorn mince I think is to only use it bulk out a meal so i'll make a veggie chilli with loads of veg then add a small amount of quorn mince rather than adding a whole bag.

Furball Wed 30-Apr-08 18:55:00

no but that butter bean recipe does look good

Surfermum Wed 30-Apr-08 18:58:06

I have been making quorn chilli for 2 years now, and last night was the first time dh realised he hadn't been eating meat grin.

I've only got 4lb to go to target, but 1lb not to have to pay anymore, as I got to target before. I'm so close, but have so much on at the moment celebrations wise I'll be lucky to maintain. So close and yet so far!!

kid Wed 30-Apr-08 19:46:37

First weigh in today and I have lost 4lb grin I am really pleased as I have been sticking to the plan rigidly.
I have been feeling a bit hungry so have been filling up with fruit and muller lights. I have managed to resist the biscuits so far. I am also having some brazil nuts, they are meant to be good for you.

mum2sons Wed 30-Apr-08 19:59:04

Weigh in tomorrow, have been good but dont think I will top my 3lb off last week (I am BFing so kind of cheating really!) Still feel v fat and look like a round wobbly ball. Oh to wake up a size 10/12...
I made quorn chilli last night and it was yum.grin

pippypoppypanda Wed 30-Apr-08 20:12:47

does anyone know this weeks password ive forgotten - oops!!!

Furball Wed 30-Apr-08 20:19:31

last weeks was pudding and will work for a few more days

nikkid21 Wed 30-Apr-08 21:20:40

salad is password this week

BouncingTurtle Wed 30-Apr-08 21:47:26

I use Quorn a lot, you need to add lots of different flavours.
Still being very good, am out tomorrow night with the ladies from my NCT AN classes, I've already planned what I am having - a Mixed Grill! I had one on my birthday so I know what'll be getting so no how to plan the rest of my day.
Planning my menus a week in advance is helping, plus means I'm being more organised with the shopping.

Jamillie Wed 30-Apr-08 22:35:14

Hi! I'm new to this thread but have been doing SW for a while now - was just wondering if anyone had tried mix2max as I fancied a change. Does it work? Quite like the idea of not having to stick to same thing all day.

nikkid21 Thu 01-May-08 08:08:03

Havn't tried it but one of the women in my group swears by it. However according to her it only works if you stick to 3 meals a day with no snacks inbetween.

Well done kid on the 4lb. My mum did her first wi on Tuesday and lost 4 1/2. She can't get over how much she's eating and still losing the weight.

toadette Thu 01-May-08 08:41:49

Think I'm going to do another green day today. Yoghurt and blueberries for breakfast, have leftover curry and rice for dinner tonight. Anyone any ideas for a nice GREEN day lunch...I will have an HEa and b to use if necessary. Getting fed up with my usual choices of salad.

Going to do 30 mins on the wii fit then head out for a good long walk with ds2 in buggy. I think exercise is the key to my weightloss recently as I like to eat the full allowance of syns (although I view them as a weekly total which I know you're really supposed to do!).

nappyaddict Thu 01-May-08 08:43:39

i like pasta and tomato sauce for lunch. tin of tomatoes or passata, garlic, chopped basil, chopped onion and some carrots et voila!! yum and completely free.

nappyaddict Thu 01-May-08 08:50:07

oops forgot a few things. chopped red peppers, oregano, cherry vine tomatoes cut in half. fry the onions first for about 10 mins (it sweetens them up and makes the sauce nicer). also 1/2 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar helps take the bitterness of the tomatoes away as does using whole tomatoes rather than chopped. make sure you simmer it for 30 mins and then break up the tomatoes - not before.

nappyaddict Thu 01-May-08 08:52:43

another thing i like is omelette (with a duck egg if you can get hold of them) with tuna and balsamic vinegar. or you could have cheese if you're on a green day. only thing is i have it with salad which you said you didn't want. how about jacket potato with beans, cheese or philly? or what about a vegetable risotto or cajun rice?

Furball Thu 01-May-08 08:58:24

I like baked potato or 2! blush - in the oven if time with beans and sometimes HE1 cheese. Very filling and free

toadette Thu 01-May-08 09:02:25

Thanks Na and furball smile. Might stick a couple of baked potaoes in the oven before I head for a walk and then have that with tuna and cheese (maybe philly). NA, mmm....I love tomatoes and balsamic, yum.

sticktoit Thu 01-May-08 11:40:08

What about 1/2 ton of syn free chips, a poached egg, quorn sausages and beans......or would it only be a pig like me have that for lunch blush

Today though am being quite saintly in having a baxters healthy choice soup (HEb) with strawberries and yogurt afterwards - yum.

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