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Mueller Light Choc Yogs - they're back !!!!!!!

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Kayleigh Sun 09-Jan-05 19:18:54

Hoorah !!!!

Have just seen an advert for them in this months w/w magazine. Apparently they are back due to demand but for a limited period only. And from the advert it looked like they were the smaller tubs that get sold in a pack of 6 rather than the large tubs.

oooggs Sun 09-Jan-05 19:25:53

That is good news, they are great as a frozen dessert!!!! yum

Kayleigh Sun 09-Jan-05 19:34:27

oooggs, i used to do that with them too. And i used them as a chocolate fondue to dip fruit in. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

noddyholder Sun 09-Jan-05 19:35:31

why did they go?I didn't notice them not being there IYKWIM

Kayleigh Sun 09-Jan-05 19:40:01

they were discontinued apparently. we were very upset as you can see here !

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