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and here i go yet again....weight loss tips please?

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nightowl Sun 02-Jan-05 23:53:14

im going back on the weightwatchers-ish diet i had started (and put on hold for xmas). im going to exercise aswell but are there any more things i should be doing? (not eating at certain times, not skipping brekkie...anything at all that will help me with it? food or exercise related...or anything else that springs to mind.

SPARKLER1 Sun 02-Jan-05 23:56:38

They always say that brekkie is the most important meal of the day. Apparently gets your metabolism going or something. I do Slimming World so can't advise re: WW. Good luck! x

MrsBigDrumsADrumming Sun 02-Jan-05 23:59:36

what usually works for me is if I've got the munchies or am hungry again soon after eating is to drink something and only give into my cravings if I still have them after downing a pint of e.g. water, cordial etc.

SPARKLER1 Mon 03-Jan-05 00:00:59

Don't buy any naughty munchies when you go shopping - if they aren't in the house you can't eat them even if you are craving like mad!!!

SPARKLER1 Mon 03-Jan-05 00:01:58

and don't go shopping on an empty stomach - that way you will feel more motivated and will go for the healthier things (well it's worth a try!)

80sMum Mon 03-Jan-05 00:52:13

Try sugar-free chewing gum. It keeps your mouth busy

nightowl Mon 03-Jan-05 01:13:47

sorry 80s mum...thanks but chewing gum seems to make me more hungry! ...(i am strange)

SPARKLER1 Mon 03-Jan-05 12:13:20

chewing gum make me hungry too - wonder what it is?

scaltygirl Mon 03-Jan-05 12:52:19

Message withdrawn

wobblystarryknicks Mon 03-Jan-05 12:56:39

Take a chromium tablet every day - really helps cut down your sweet cravings, but unfortunately not crisps/cheese/lots of dinner type cravings!

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Mon 03-Jan-05 13:21:55

Drink a large glass of water before every meal in addition to whatever else you were going to drink with the meal. It fills you up and is good for you, regardless.

Dior Mon 03-Jan-05 19:54:18

Message withdrawn

Furball Mon 03-Jan-05 20:35:09

I find it easier to plan the weekly meals and know exactly whats what, rather than slamming a deep pan pizza or other ultra naughty thing in the oven as there's no time as teas in half an hour. Talking of pizzas - have you tried the WW ones, the are actually very nice and I now prefer them to normal pizzas as they don't have a sludgy doughy base, just a nice crip one. The other thing about them is they actually have some flavour.

Kaysleighbells Tue 04-Jan-05 11:51:40

Furball, I have been eating the w/w pizza and I love the garlic mushroom one. It is so lovely to be able to eat pizza with rest of family again. When I was doing slimming world it was a no-no. Am much happier on w/w.

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