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Anyone else out there with 5 plus stones to lose? Who fancies doing a weekly weigh in with me?

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sandramaryb Tue 08-Apr-08 20:06:27

I have got really overweight in the last couple of years and would love to meet some others who might be trying to cut down but not exactly dieting. Where do you start when there is so much to lose? Any tips on evening snacking? TIA

RiaisMaLarkin Tue 08-Apr-08 21:46:19

Me too I'm supposed to be doing WW (from the books at home). I have lost 6lb since I weighed my heaviest in Feb. This week I stayed the same because I didn't really try.

Evening snacking is my worst habit, because the snacks usually come with a couple of glasses or so of lager or wine. My DH is a chef, so if I want to eat with him I eat late at night too. (I suppose also I find it difficult before DH gets home as I'm a bnit bored and lonely after the kids go to bed?)

I can manage ok til the kids teatime/early evening, but it seems to go pear-shaped (a bit like me) after that.

I don't have any tips as such, but seem to have similarities, maybe we can offer support to each other (and anyone else in the same boat)?

vicky1984 Wed 09-Apr-08 08:17:37

Hello i need to lose 5 stone.I'm 5'9 and weigh 18 stone blush
I was 13 stone when i got pregnant with my first daughter and she is now 2 1/2.I had another little girl 9 months ago and i havn't lost anyting.
We're starting to plan our wedding for august 2009 and i'm desperate to lose weight to fit in a nice dress.

RiaisMaLarkin Wed 09-Apr-08 09:41:35

hi vicky. My weight came from my last 2 DCs too. I have put on 2 stone since DS3 was born in June.
I have 5 stone to lost to start as I am 18 stone tooblush, I am about your height too. I want to lose a bit before this summer as my sis is coming home from abroad and I haven't seen her for 8 years.

I am finding it hard because it seems like such a far-off goalsad

vicky1984 Wed 09-Apr-08 13:53:20

I think i'm gonna try weight watchers because i'll be more likely to stick to it if i have to be weighed every week.I'd love to lose some for the summer so i don't have to wear my usual long sleeve tops.

I know what you mean because its gonna take a while to lose the whole 5 stone and see the difference.
Also i need to start being more active in the day and drink lots of water.

vicky1984 Wed 09-Apr-08 13:53:20

I think i'm gonna try weight watchers because i'll be more likely to stick to it if i have to be weighed every week.I'd love to lose some for the summer so i don't have to wear my usual long sleeve tops.

I know what you mean because its gonna take a while to lose the whole 5 stone and see the difference.
Also i need to start being more active in the day and drink lots of water.

KelaS Thu 10-Apr-08 09:20:46

Hi. I joined WW yesterday with a whopping 9 to 10 stone to lose (never been that thin so don't know exactly where I want to end up!). My initial aim is to lose about 5 stone before I go back to work in October - tough I know so could do with some help!

RiaisMaLarkin Thu 10-Apr-08 11:39:32

hi kelaS. I know what you mean about not really knowing how thin you should be. 13 stone is the top end of the recommendation for my height, so that's my ultimate goal for now. I can't imagine being less than that cos I'm not exactly delicate in build!

Re the OP (which I have deviated from somewhat) a good first step would be to increase the amount of water we drink and fruit and veg intake, and try to include some activity in our days (even a 10 minute walk). I will try to find a link about walking the weight off when I get back from work.

Also, so we don't hijack the thread with talk on WW - I am on this WW thread. The more the merrier.

sandramaryb Thu 10-Apr-08 12:19:16

Hi RaiaisMaLarkin,Vicky1984,KelaS, thanks for your messages! I'm not the only podge out there! As well as snacking in the evenings,my weekends are tough too. How about doing a weigh-in at the beginning of the weekend (Sat morning) plus write one goal for the week and see if we can support eachother through it? I couldn't use my PC yesterday and feel really cheered up by your responses. So how about first weigh-in this Sat?

RiaisMaLarkin Thu 10-Apr-08 13:24:27

Glad you've posted sandramary, thought you had maybe been scared off by all the talk of WW.

Sat weigh-in and a goal sounds good.


vicky1984 Thu 10-Apr-08 14:13:20

Thats a really good idea sandramaryb!
Went on a long walk today with my dd's and i'm gonna do a exercise dvd tonight.

KelaS Thu 10-Apr-08 17:07:21

Yep, sounds good!

And to answer your original question about snacking - do you make sure you have healthy snacks around or do you just try and not have anything at all? I find it harder when I know I can't have anything else to eat that evening, whereas if there is something around I could have if I wanted it, I don't tend to want it - its all psychological for me!

chocolatespiders Thu 10-Apr-08 17:18:25

me to... i weigh 16 stone and shocking to say i weighed less when i was 9 months pregnant with dd now 4....

i really need to tackle this as it affects me so badly, i am a lone parent and find the evenings the worst when girls are in bed

chocolatespiders Thu 10-Apr-08 17:22:39

i am up for weigh in on sat that would be good

KelaS Thu 10-Apr-08 19:53:02

Well I have made a good start this evening - got DD off to sleep a lot earlier than normal so popped down to the shops, and walked rather than driving like I sometimes do

RiaisMaLarkin Thu 10-Apr-08 20:08:48

I am shattered and having a beerblush

But I seem to have been walking all day today (and the little girl from down the street came to play - uninvited - but that's no excuse reallyblush)

RiaisMaLarkin Thu 10-Apr-08 21:06:45


sandramaryb Thu 10-Apr-08 21:58:12

Hey, 17 messages so far I think we're getting a group together which is just what I need. about what you said RiaisMaLarkin I'm not really scared of WW! They do make sense and I did go a few times but I have decided that this is going to work better (fingers crossed), then the money I would have spent on my weekly subs and diet food and everything else they are plugging, I will put towards something nice like an aromatherapy massage or even better, paying for DD and DS to go and play in a play park and leave me in peace for some ME time.wink

chocolatespiders Fri 11-Apr-08 11:20:43

what sort of healthy eating plan will you follow?

I do like the points of ww...but wouldnt go to the meeting as i think it is far to expensive... i sometimes call into a meeting to buy some of there choc bars or peanut bars and to get the latest shopping guide

KelaS Fri 11-Apr-08 11:50:44

WW do have a new monthly plan thing now - £17.95 a month (works out as just over £4 a week), and it includes the online stuff as well, which I am finding really useful - still expensive but I need the discipline of weekly meetings or I just don't do it!

RiaisMaLarkin Fri 11-Apr-08 13:41:56

I didn't know you could drop into meetings to buy stuff. That could be useful to know.

chocolatespiders Fri 11-Apr-08 17:22:43

i have never had a problem doing it....
so i think it is allowed... i tend to just blend in!!!

you could always say you go to a different meeting but forgot to buy anything!!!! the magazine is cheaper from there as well

sandramaryb Fri 11-Apr-08 21:42:53

Hi, chocolatespiders, a good question about my plan. It will be something like this:

3 meals and 3 snacks per day
Eat "normal" meals for b/f, lunch and supper
Snack on fruit or really low cal stuff

I also eat my main meal at lunchtime, so I will try and have a lighter evening meal like a salad.

My plan is also to write everything down before I eat it and give myself a points system of how I'm feeling. I am an emotional eater and if I make an effort to write down before I eat something it does put me off going for the biscuits.

That's the theory anyway, we'll see how it goes. My record is normally 6 to 8 weeks of doing really well and then things just go to pieces. I am hoping that I can break through my 2 month yo-yoing pattern with support at MN.

RiaisMaLarkin Fri 11-Apr-08 21:44:06

we'l be here to support you (my good/bad goes on a week by week cycle, so you're doing better than me alreadywink)

KelaS Fri 11-Apr-08 21:47:13

Sounds like a good plan. I find I tend to do better when I force myself to get to 5 fruit and veg portions too - really makes you have healthy meals.

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