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want to loose wieght

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jofeb04 Sun 02-Jan-05 14:47:38

but what diets the best to do? also ttc so have to be healthy!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jan-05 14:56:05

Message withdrawn

DelGirl Sun 02-Jan-05 16:11:10

yorkiegirl, did you follow sw when you were pg? If so, what extra's did you/could you have? When I was pg the 1st time, the mw said not to bother and I certainly haven't with this pg either. I did lose a stone before this pg but would quite like to watch it now over the next 16 weeks if I have any will power at all. I don't want to go on any strict diet or anything just aware that it's getting tougher.

Kittypickle Sun 02-Jan-05 17:22:28

Delgirl, I joined SW when I was pregnant - from memory it's the same as normal whilst pregnant but you have extras whilst bf, but I could be wrong about that. Unfortunetly despite sticking to it religiously for a week I gained a pound and half and that was the end of that

DelGirl Sun 02-Jan-05 17:27:45

hi Kittypickle, how''re you? I thought you had to have extra milk/cheese that kind of thing. I've put on about 10lb, maybe a little more and am now 24 weeks so I dont think thats toooo bad, but they do say if you're overweight to start with you maybe shouldn't put on as much as others. I found dealing with the constant m/s the hardest oh and christmas etc . Thought I would try and eat the SW way from now on, wonder how long it'll last!!!

Kittypickle Sun 02-Jan-05 17:33:03

Hi Delgirl, I'm fine thanks, what about you ? I know you definitely get extra milk/cheese whilst bf, but I thought she said to me that it was the same for whilst pregnant. I'm probably totally wrong though and I'm sure someone will be along who knows. I remember saying she has had a couple of women who have lost several stone whilst pregnant and I got very excited - and then was gutted when I put on weight. Never mind, I'm on day 1 of the WW No Count plan so we'll see how that goes - I've been flicking through SW magazines to get recipes as the new plan is remarkably similar to SW.....!

DelGirl Sun 02-Jan-05 17:38:47

thanks Kitty, i'm fine ta. I think i'll do the normal sw plan then as you can still eat loads. Hard, isn't it? The WW no points plan sounds interesting, however the SW one is the only one I know that midwives approve of.

DelGirl Sun 02-Jan-05 17:41:41

oh, maybe the sw lady mean after they had the baby that they were less than their pre pg weight? If I make a start on it, i'd be happy if I only gain another 7lb. Whats the betting I stop by Wednesday

Slink Sun 02-Jan-05 17:44:33

Whats the sw diet interested....thanksxx

Kittypickle Sun 02-Jan-05 17:45:48

It's the only I know that midwives agree as well, which I always thought undermined WW a bit as they say it's not a diet but a way of eating. It will be interesting to see whether MWs will agree with the No Count one, not that I'm ever having another baby you understand . What I've had today is so similar to SW really and dinner is from curried potato soup from the new SW magazine.

Kittypickle Sun 02-Jan-05 17:47:33

Slink, there is a SW thread, try posting on that and someone will explain it to you as I think they've introduced something new as of this month and I'm not sure what exactly it is.

Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jan-05 17:47:58

Message withdrawn

Slink Sun 02-Jan-05 17:48:08

Thank you kitty xxwill do

DelGirl Sun 02-Jan-05 17:50:09

Hi slink, sorry jofeb04 for hijacking your thread.

Slimming world is food combining/optimising, I think that's what they call it these days. Basically you have green days and red days. green days you can eat as much pasta, rice potato's as you want together with fruit, vegetables and a limited amount of meat and fish. On red days you can eat as much meat or fish as you like and most vegetables. And can have a limited amount of potato or pasta. On both days you also can have a limited amount of syns. Not sure on syn values these days but a crunchie for example would be about 10 I think, a glass of wine would be 5 and you'd usually be allowed about 15 a day. hth. Have a look at their website or search the endless SW threads on here

DelGirl Sun 02-Jan-05 17:51:28

posts crossed with everyone lol. thanks yorkie, forgot to add about the healthy extras, doh!!!

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