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Dieting, Exercising and Breastfeeding

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pinkytrio Sun 02-Jan-05 08:51:25

Can anyone recommend a good plan for shifting some weight and getting healthy whilst still breastfeeding? With my second I think I went a bit too mad too early, lost lots of weight but then she weaned herself off the boob. This time I'd like to do it sensibly. I've also had 3 sections so need to exercise caution ha


zebra Mon 03-Jan-05 20:23:17

The weight-watchers points system for breastfeeding mums seems to be highly rated. I know that the clinical studies all conclude that any sensible (slow but steady) weight loss regime, including a little bit of diet & as much exercise as most women would want to do, should be fine; shouldn't affect your milk at all. Otherwise, just bumping this up for you!

eidsvold Wed 05-Jan-05 21:29:59

surprised to see ( starting ww again as a breastfeeding mum) how much food you are able to have and the types of foods that they recommend you have more of. Having done ww before I got pregnant - the weight loss was slow but steady.... and I now have had two sections and am simply ( at this stage) going to walk as my exercise for now.

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