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I have an eating disorder specific to Quality Street chocolates

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jasper Thu 30-Dec-04 20:31:02

I can't cram them in fast enough.
My bum is getting bigger and bigger.
Is there a cure?

marthamoo Thu 30-Dec-04 20:31:29

Finish them. Don't buy any more.

winterwarmmummer Thu 30-Dec-04 20:31:41

Yes - move up a notch to Charbonel & Walker.

bonkerz Thu 30-Dec-04 20:31:41

dont buy them!

jasper Thu 30-Dec-04 21:12:07

oh dear the disorder has just spread to chip rolls

Twiglett Thu 30-Dec-04 21:13:29


winterwarmmummer Thu 30-Dec-04 21:14:20

Oh give in to it.....

MarsLady Thu 30-Dec-04 21:15:45

There's another one just like me. I thought that I was the only one with that disorder. We are now officially a support group.

jasper Thu 30-Dec-04 23:08:16

where do I get big trousers online?

SPARKLER1 Thu 30-Dec-04 23:10:43

Your bum's getting bigger????? - sounds to me like you are shoving the choccies into the wrong hole.

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 30-Dec-04 23:13:24


jasper Thu 30-Dec-04 23:13:30

no just shoving loads and REALLY fast!

Surfermum Thu 30-Dec-04 23:17:10

There's no cure, but if you eat them with your eyes shut they don't contain any calories.

SPARKLER1 Thu 30-Dec-04 23:17:37

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 30-Dec-04 23:19:29

I've got 2 of the HUGE tins which my Dad bought for..............ds1 (3) and ds2 (1)! Ds2 definitely DOES NOT have the gnashers to chomp his way through that lot!

The 2 tins keep calling me from the kitchen. I must find a good home for them SOON.

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 30-Dec-04 23:22:28

What's your address jasper?

jasper Thu 30-Dec-04 23:27:36

THe Priory clinc

ChicPea Thu 30-Dec-04 23:36:55

Can't you just sniff the wrappers?

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