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Marisa Peer

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dalek Thu 27-Mar-08 23:28:22

Anyone done this? It has got absolutely fantastic reviews on Amazon - seems like Paul Mckenna - I have got it but it doesn't seem t be workng for me. Anyone got any success stories

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dalek Fri 28-Mar-08 09:57:27

bump for day time peeps

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dalek Fri 28-Mar-08 19:18:40

bump for evening peeps - after this I'll stop - promise

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nicks38 Sat 31-May-08 23:13:07

Yes, I have! I started reading it 10 days ago and started listening to the 'hypnotic' CD 3 days ago (you are supposed to read the book first and then listen to the CD daily for 21 days.) I found the book to be easy to read and consider it to hold vital keys to change my eating habits forever. I have cut out dairy (eating soya milk and yogurts) and wheat for about a week now and have lost 3 lbs in that time. I also have had zero cravings for chocolate and pastries, despite being pre-menstrual! I truly recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with their weight, especially if you have been caught in yo-yo dieting like I have been since my children were born 8 years ago. I have a picture in my mind of the shape I want to be, wearing a dress I would love to look great in - and that is what helped me just buy a doughnut for my daughter in the bakery today! Well worth the money! The reviews on amazon convinced me and I am so glad they did...

pookey Mon 11-Jan-10 20:03:43

Hmmm not sure about nicks message. Incase anyone searches and finds this thread I have just finsihed the book but am yet to start the cd. One mumsnetter on here said they struggled to get past page 60 but there were some gems of wisdom which would sum it up.

Peer is advocating figuring out why we overeat and changing the thought habits which promote that overeating theough repeating mantras and visualisation. She also suggests thinking of eating healthily and losing weight in positive terms : I am becoming slimmer and leaner, my body loves salad etc. It also involves rebranding foods in our minds so bread becomes like glue, milk like pus etc. The actual eating part involves adopting a restricitve hunter gatherer diet: protein, fruit, veg, nuts and seeds.

Maybe I need to restart the book and actually do the exercises as it has not really helped me in any way so far.

PuddingPenguin Tue 12-Jan-10 08:09:30

It didn't work for me and I paid £££££ and went to one of her seminars.

I found her voice to be incredibly nasal and annoying, although I liked her style of writing. However any diet that suggests you seriously restrict the food groups you can eat will result in weightloss, but not necessarily sustainable weightloss. At least that's my experience.

Personally I much preferred Paul McKenna's book and cd. I don't mind his voice and the 'eat when hungry, stop when full' philosophy seems so much more sensible and sustainable.

Sorry, but I wouldn't recommend it.

pookey Tue 12-Jan-10 20:08:48

I bought it in favour of Paul McKenna thinking it would concentrate on enjoying healthy eating but did not appreciate that so many healthy foods would be cut out. Sorry you had that experience PuddingPenguin, its a shame and surprising because the book is rated very highly on amazon.

surfinbernard Thu 05-Aug-10 14:16:52

I have just started the book and am about half way through. I think it's brilliant, it has already helped me to work out that I started overeating when I was pregnant the first time to avoid the unbearable nausea and that made me link not eating with pain and so I must have carried on overeating. I have lost weight and been a size 10 again since but piled it all back on.

Since reading the book I have stopped craving junk or wanting to eat when I'm not hungry. That's really all I could have asked for.

ZZMum Thu 05-Aug-10 14:48:58

I have it and do not like it - she wraps a lot of good pyscho stuff around her personal dislike of wheat and dairy...

She calls wheat "glue" and then says all dairy products contain pus and chemicals and so basically tries to put you off eating the 2 main areas of calories in our diets - so of course it will work..

To me if you stick with the mind stuff, like McKenna does, you can eat what you want within moderation.. here she seems to be bringing together 2 opposing models and I am not sure it works ..

madamebovine Sun 15-Aug-10 19:38:58

Not a fan either. I have it, read it and re-read it but exactly what ZZMum says; supposed to put you off with scare stories.

Also talking about wheat and dairy as an alcoholic would with alcohol - ie don't have anything in your house even for visitors and treat it as an allergy too. I could do this but wouldn't have many mates left.

Kanu123 Sun 02-Apr-17 19:14:23

Hello . I intend to do her course but based on these reviews should I rethink?

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