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Weight Watchers Switch - new plan

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stabilo Mon 27-Dec-04 17:59:41

Have any ww members heard of the new switch plan???

Kittypickle Mon 27-Dec-04 18:24:35

Yes, it's went up on the website for online members just before xmas. Bascially you can switch each week between the points system (now called Full choice) and a new thing called No Count. No Count is having 3 meals a day from foods on the No Count list, fruit or veg between meals if you want a snack, and 21 points of for treats, snacks or for foods in meals that aren't on the No Count list.There's a questionnaire which you complete to see which one would suit you best. I think I'm going to stick to points, but my friend who is a WW leader has been losing on No Count and seems to be getting on well with - but I guess she has to say that !!!

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