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Demented Sun 26-Dec-04 20:06:56

Thinking of giving this a whirl in the new year. I have never been to a slimming group before so have no idea how it works. They are offering membership for £5 and then £3.95 a week after that. Will they give me all the books that I need for this sum or will I have to buy those separately.

I am thinking of joining for a few weeks and then going it alone, I only want to lose about a stone.

Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 20:08:32

Message withdrawn

Demented Sun 26-Dec-04 20:13:18

Oooh that sounds good.

The reason I don't want to do the classes longterm is a time and money issue. I can just about make one of the classes for a few weeks and I already pay a fortune for membership at my local leisure centre for fitness classes and don't feel I can justify spending on a slimming club too.

Are they generally happy for you to take children with you? The only class I can make it too will be directly after DS1's swimming lesson, although I'm not too comfortable with him picking up on what is going on, don't want to make him aware of diets/slimming yet.

Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 20:15:21

Message withdrawn

Demented Sun 26-Dec-04 20:19:10

Was thinking he will probably be so shattered from his swimming lesson that he may not even realise where he is!

Demented Sun 26-Dec-04 20:19:49

Good idea about the colouring.

Arabica Sun 26-Dec-04 21:33:19

Slimming World has a good website , why not have a look...
I think it's the best plan around and have lost 1st 3lbs so far, so wish you all the best. All the weighing-in is pretty discreet, so your DS probably won't even notice what's going on (depending how old he is of course!) Good luck and hope to see you on the Slimming World members' thread.

crunchie Sun 26-Dec-04 21:43:21

if you do a 10 week countdown you are bound to los a stone and it is only about £30. Whats £30 to be slim??

Jonno Mon 27-Dec-04 00:34:18

Im curious as to all your feelings about the Montignac method as I am about to try it. have any of you tried it out

Demented Mon 27-Dec-04 13:54:59

Thanks Arabica, I've had a good look round the website, it looks less restrictive than WW, well done on your fantastic weightloss. Last year I lost 2 1/2 stone partly on my own and partly with the help of a sneaky list of WW points that were passed to me and of course all with the invaluable help and support of MN Mamas. Unfortunately I have put half a stone back on, although I am sure once back into my routine in January most of that would come back off.

Crunchie 10 weeks was about what I was thinking and then I will carry on at home, hopefully maintaining!

Jonno, what is the Montignac method? I've never heard of it.

lizibeth Wed 29-Dec-04 11:47:27

Once you reach your target weight at slimming world...which you set yourself! (no bossing you around at slimming world) you can go to class whenever you like for free! all you need to do is mantain your target weight at 3lb above or below your target, thats 6lb to play around with.
Slimming world is fantastic I lost 5 stone last year and am hoping to lose another 5 this coming year and become a consultant...I already help out at 3 classes per week.
good luck,

Demented Wed 29-Dec-04 23:51:49

Oh that sounds good. Do you mean that after hitting your target weight you don't have to go every week? I am quite short of time too so it would be nice to think that once I got to my target I could pop in once a month or so for some encouragement etc.

lizibeth, 5 stones is fantastic! All the best with the next 5 and your goal of becoming a consultant! Well done!!!

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