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Anyone tried Hoodini/ appetite suppressants ? do they work?

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allgonebellyup Tue 18-Mar-08 12:16:05

just need to lose a little bit of weight, i have had one day on the pills and def didnt feel quite so hungry.
Anyone have experience of these pills?

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allgonebellyup Tue 18-Mar-08 12:53:23

LOL!! its Hoodia not Hoodini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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chocolatespiders Tue 18-Mar-08 21:01:25

no but i want to try them.... where are they from i need info please

allgonebellyup Wed 19-Mar-08 21:17:31

feel VERY hungry today so am already doubting their power!

i got them online, loads of health stores sell them

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GoodGrrrlGoneBad Sat 21-Mar-09 07:24:39

i've got some which i'm starting today. It should take a few days for them to start working, so hang in there!

jenk1 Sat 21-Mar-09 21:16:47

hiya, they do work i used them a couple of years ago for a few days but had to stop on advice from my GP as i had high blood pressure,they take a couple of days to kick in but they really suppressed my appetite.

SpinningEm Sat 21-Mar-09 21:19:02

ok where can i get some from?

fanjolina Sat 21-Mar-09 21:39:58

Can you use them whilst pregnant?

sophieandbelly Fri 01-May-09 21:39:02

u wont be able to take any app. supresent wen preg fanjolina, as they work with the receptors in ur brain, not good at all for the baby!

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 01-May-09 21:40:57

Having just been prescribed Reductil by Doctor I wouldn't take anything without asking a professionals advise re blood pressure.

sophieandbelly Sat 02-May-09 18:43:45

fivegomad how u doing on the reductil? r u on 10s or 15s?

sophieandbelly Sat 02-May-09 18:43:59

fivegomad how u doing on the reductil? r u on 10s or 15s?

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 04-May-09 11:25:48

Just started last Thursday and on 10's, no side effects so far and seem to have lost 2lbs. I don't know how they work but because I am on them I have conciously being looking at portion control and they seem to be keeping the hunger pangs at bay. I have to go to the nurse in a couple of weeks and then back to the doctor 2 weeks after that.
But so far so good.

sophieandbelly Mon 04-May-09 17:01:24

well done fivegomad, iam on 15s and have been for 7 weeks think lost around a stone, got docs on weds for blood pressure etc, its taken me back to my pre-baby weight which is great (altho baby is now 19months!!)
was very slack for the first yr happy just looking after baby etc, not sure i properly looked at myself for 6 mnths!
bad i no just caught up with being a new mummy and forgot about myself! iam aiming to loose another 21 lb, then hoping to ttc end of yr. would love to hear how u get on in next weigh in x

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 04-May-09 18:17:34

Willkeep in touch via this thread.

sophieandbelly Wed 06-May-09 19:51:25

five go mad, just been to 2nd weigh in on the reds, lost another 6lb! so thats 15lb in 7 weeks, i havnt been very good this month what with easter etc, so quite pleased, 23lb til goal! how u doing??

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 13-May-09 10:03:28

Just had weigh in and have lost 2kg in 2 weeks so very pleased.

TitcHt48 Mon 23-Oct-17 08:59:26

Hya all trying to find an appetite suppressant. I am at home all day (retired now) I eat cos I am bored. Would love advise from anyone on any products from H&B thanks

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