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Weight Loss Support - Mumsnet Mamas in 2005?

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Yorkiegirl Sat 11-Dec-04 11:58:16

Message withdrawn

Cadeauxbury Sat 11-Dec-04 12:04:02

Hi Yorkie girl. I am sorry I keep not posting. To be honest, since I came off the tablets, my weight has fluctuated by 3 pounds up and back down each week so nothing has actually changed but I have maintained thankfully. I am back on the tablets this week but managed to put on 6 pounds earlier in the week (2 party buffets) and have lost them all since then. At least I'm back where I started and hopefully, will now start loosing again properly. I would like to be part of the group after Christmas and will try to remember to post each week.

einRosentsprungen Sat 11-Dec-04 13:20:01

Yes please, I want to start again in the New Year (from scratch!) ... and in the meantime enjoy a guilt-free Christmas

My weight has been slowly creeping up again, now consistently (just) over 10 stone, so I definitely need to apply myself and get it shifted back down again after Christmas.

Yorkiegirl Sat 11-Dec-04 16:45:15

Message withdrawn

miam Sun 12-Dec-04 22:35:50

Oh yes - I WILL be 8st in 2005 with your help!! xx

MadameChristmas Mon 13-Dec-04 10:22:21

I will if I can change my weigh in day to a Monday.

It is the only day I can Gaurantee that I will be able to get to the library to use the computer

Kittypickle Mon 13-Dec-04 11:08:55

Yes please ! I'm still plucking up the courage to get to SW and see what damage I've done to the 26lbs I lost earlier this year

LunarSeasonsGreetings Mon 13-Dec-04 11:45:37

Guess I'll still be here for a while longer yet.

Kaysleighbells Mon 13-Dec-04 12:11:51

Please can I join next year?

Have been doing w/w for a few weeks and have almost lost a stone (1/2 pound to go). Have some great support on the w/w thread but a bit extra would be good.

Demented Mon 13-Dec-04 13:28:17

Mailed you Yorkiegirl, but I intend to be back in January, its too cold and dark round here to diet!

TheFennelandtheIvy Tue 14-Dec-04 17:29:48

I'll be back. hopefully all fit and keen

MarsLady Sat 01-Jan-05 12:35:23

Count me in when you restart Yorkie

scaltygirl Sat 01-Jan-05 18:04:55

Message withdrawn

biglips Sat 01-Jan-05 18:08:12

ill be starting too as me and DP and couple of friends will be joining the gym (had baba in oct 04) and i need to lose 2 stones.

BethAndHerBrood Sat 01-Jan-05 18:24:56

Sorry to be so dumb, but what is mumsnet mamas exactly? I've got the general idea about losing weight, but what do we do?

Yorkiegirl Sat 01-Jan-05 18:50:11

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Sat 01-Jan-05 18:55:12

That sounds good! Sign me up! Sick of being fat, really need to do something about it!

Yorkiegirl Sat 01-Jan-05 18:57:17

Message withdrawn

deegward Sat 01-Jan-05 18:59:10

I need to join as well, having put on 13 lb since March 2004, need to lose it!!!! Going to start back at sw as well, but everything helps, only problem big box of maltesers opened

Yorkiegirl Sat 01-Jan-05 19:00:34

Message withdrawn

deegward Sat 01-Jan-05 19:04:48

your wish is my command

sanchpanch Sat 01-Jan-05 19:07:29

hello everyone, i would love to join this support group i am joining weight watchers on either tues or wednesday and would be happy to email my loss each week, i, have a few stone + to loose, i am planning to run the race for life which i am using as my goal for the weight loss, and of course the nicer clothes!, hope its ok for me to join,

Yorkiegirl Sat 01-Jan-05 19:08:49

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Sat 01-Jan-05 19:16:21

I'm going to do SW, but haven't decided whether to do it on my own or join a club. It seems a lot of money just to get weighed, when i can do it at home. (tightwad emoticon!)What do you all think?

sanchpanch Sat 01-Jan-05 19:16:37

brill thanks, i am kean to find out about the new switch diet ww are doing, might have a look on website, i have done points one before, and did well so hopefully it hasnt changed to much, although i am sure i could just do points if it has,

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