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So who is doing Weight Watchers ?

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Kayleigh Wed 17-Nov-04 13:36:15

Do you go to class ?
How long have you been doing it & how much have you lost ?

I am on my second week (weigh-in tomorrow). I go to a weigh and go class in the city in my lunch hour and have lost 8lbs so far. I miss going to an actual class though so am looking for some support on here.

bran Wed 17-Nov-04 13:53:30

Yes, I'm doing WW. I've been going since the beginning of August and I've lost 19 lbs. My weight loss has been slow, usually around 1.5 lbs a week, but consistent. I expected that the rate of loss would be slow as I have PCOS, and I'm hoping that as I get slimmer it will get easier. I haven't put on or stayed the same at all, although I've had a particularly bad week this week so I strongly suspect that I may have put on a little at my weigh-in tonight. I almost always stay for the meeting and I do find that it helps, the leader is very funny and optimistic and the other members are usually a good source of recipe and snack ideas.

8lbs in your first week is great - I only lost 1.5 in my first week. How much are you thinking of losing altogether? I have about 7 stone to lose altogether, so still a long way to go for me.

Kayleigh Wed 17-Nov-04 14:35:08

Hi bran. That's a great loss. I don't think it matters that it's slow as long as it is coming off. Can you see the difference ?

I have another 3 stone to lose. I think the first weeks loss was so big cos i was eating so badly for a couple of weeks before. But it gave me a really good start.

This is the first time I've done WW (apart from a short stint many years ago). I have mainly done slimming world and managed to lose 5 stone on that 3 years ago after ds2 was born. But it has been creeping on again and I found I was very bored of the SW plan. Doing a different diet has got me all interested again - i just hope I can stick to it.

Good luck for tonight.

baggybear Wed 17-Nov-04 23:20:20

Well done all of you!!! Sounds like you all know what you are doing. I think WW is brilliant. Have done it after each of my DS's. (was a leader for a while as well, but we'll keep that to ourselves ) I have got just under a stone to get back to my goal weight. Its taking ages but "slowly but surely" I think is the key.

marthamoo Wed 17-Nov-04 23:24:11

I am an absolute convert. I made it to Gold last week - have lost 35lbs altogether (since March). Started off with WW Online and then switched to a real life class in July. Determined to maintain now! Keep going, Kayleigh, the feeling when you get there is fantastic.

baggybear Wed 17-Nov-04 23:43:29

congratulations marthamoo

which areas do you go to your meetings

Marina Thu 18-Nov-04 10:36:27

I'm doing it online, Kayleigh, have lost 21lb since July, but have plateaued a bit . And still have that much again to lose .
Was pinning hopes on free Walkers pedometer and power-walking round the Barbican in my lunch hour but apparently they're rubbish!
Which City weigh-in do you go to? Fancy a buddy?

Kayleigh Thu 18-Nov-04 11:30:52

Well done Marthamoo. You will be my inspiration

Marina would be so great if you came along. There is a weigh-in group at the church right by the Restaurant where we meet up. They actually weigh every day and on a weds morning. I am going on a Thursday. Probably too late for today but would you like to come along next week ?

Marina Thu 18-Nov-04 14:59:55

It is too late today, but would be up for that next week. Know the place you mean! Thanks

Kayleigh Thu 18-Nov-04 15:06:09

I lost 1/2 a pound today which isn't brilliant but it's a loss ! And that's still 8 and a half pounds in 2 weeks which isn't a bad average.

Marina, I found out today that on a thursday she actually does a talk from 1:30, so next week am aiming to get there around 1:15. If you want to meet-up to go in CAT me.

Am going with a colleague from work (male) and he has lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks (snarrl). Come and join our club !

emkana Thu 18-Nov-04 19:41:50

I've been going to WW for 14 months now - I've lost 49 and a half pounds now, so the loss has been very very slow, but it has meant that it hasn't been to difficult, because quite often it hasn't felt like a diet, esp. as I'm still breastfeeding which gives me extra points. I want to lose at least another stone, then I'll be 12 and a half stone, which is still a lot, but I'm 6 foot so it's just about acceptable. I don't think I can be bothered to lose any more!

jnbsmum Thu 18-Nov-04 19:44:03

I'm doing weight watchers too and in the last three weeks ive lost 8 pounds. Unfortunatly i missed this weeks weigh in but i know ive lost more cause my pre pregnancy clothes now fit. I like bran also have pcos so i need to lose the weight. Its noy easy but i have at leats 5 stone to lose so i'm also in for the long stint. Ive found ww really easy to settle into. Tried sw 4 yrs ago but it didnt do it for me. I'm often in on the long term slimers thread. Its great to chat on their. They give lots of support. Keep up the good work

Hulababy Thu 18-Nov-04 19:47:39

Both me and Dh are following the WW points diet. Neither of us are members or go to the classes, but we have the points via MIL. Restarted 3 weeks ago and it is going well.

baggybear Thu 18-Nov-04 19:59:42

emkana - how old is baby you're b/fing? i'm not sure how many points to have as i'm still b/fing 16 month old morning and night and sometimes in between. my leader is a bit vague and i wasn't told what to tell my members when i did it as i never came across it. if i wasn't b/fing i should be on 18 points.

Dior Thu 18-Nov-04 20:34:20

Message withdrawn

Tommy Thu 18-Nov-04 20:40:03

I'm doing it on my own (not going to classes). I started after stopping breastfeeding at the beginning of Sept and have lost 17lbs so far - I have 9 to go to get to my pre-baby weight. I've lost 2lbs every week except the week when I'm premenstrual - then I haven't lost any. Oh, and one week I lost 3lbs. I'm really chuffed and have got back through my size 16 jeans and am now in my 14s

emkana Thu 18-Nov-04 22:54:00

baggybear - my baby is a toddler now, she's 15 months old, but still feeding a lot, morning, night and a couple of times a day at least, sometimes during the night too, so that I allow myself an extra 6 points a day for that, and the weight still seems to be coming off!

baggybear Fri 19-Nov-04 19:33:08

emkana - thanx for that. you've made my night
from monday i will start having 24 points a day and we'll see wot happens. starting monday coz i've got lots on this weekend. our babies are similar ages - ds was 16months this week. what area doyou go to yur meeting?

i'll let you know how i go with the points.

bran Sun 21-Nov-04 11:40:49

So what is everyone's favourite low point meal? I haven't been able to make a zero point soup that actually tastes good, but I did make the most delicious 2 point soup during the week if anyone's interested. I bought a fantastic fresh beef stock from the supermarket that was only trace saturated fat, chicken stock always seems to have quite a high fat content.

Over a low heat, dry fry 1 finely chopped onion, 2 cloves garlic, a little finely chopped red chilli (optional). When softened add 2 tps cumin seeds and fry for another 30 secs or until seeds turn brown.

Add 500 ml fresh beef stock and 1 organic beef stock cube (no nasty additives) made up with about 1 litre of water. Add about 250g red lentils and boil for about 40 mins stirring so it doesn't stick. Skim off scum.

Add 1 chopped butternut squash (in half to 1 inch cubes), boil a bit more until squash is soft if eating straight away or, if freezing, stop cooking when squash is still firm. If you want tear up a couple of slices of roast beef into small pieces and stir through. Serves 6.

I'm so proud of myself, I made that recipe up all on my own .

Kayleigh Sun 21-Nov-04 14:51:42

am interested in what you say about the zero point soup bran as was going to make some this week. Is it the cosistensy or the taste that isn't good ?

Last night my niece and nephew came over to watch a DVD with my boys and wanted pizzaa. i was so worried i'd be tempted - but i bought a weight watchers pizza in sainsburys. It was garlic mushroom and 7 points for the whole thing - it really was delicious.
I was so happy that i'd eaten the same as everyone else !

emkana Sun 21-Nov-04 18:38:13

My top tip if you love cakes and biscuits, like I do, is to get honey cake (I buy it in Sainsbury's, in the organic section). It got trace fat, but tastes delicious!

baggybear - sorry, I've only just seen your post!
I'm in Gloucestershire.
It's great having the extra points for b/feeding, it really doesn't feel like a diet sometimes.

bran Sun 21-Nov-04 20:01:49

I think it's mostly the taste the I don't like Kayleigh, although the texture has never been that wonderful either. I think part of the trouble is that I don't like tomatoes, so that rules out quite a lot of soups, and the couple that I've tried to make have come out terribly bland and they go through my digestive system very quickly too, so I forced one down and then felt hungry 40 mins later.

The taste of food is very important to me so I'm reluctant to eat something that I don't really like just because it's zero points as I have loads to lose so I will be doing WW for at least a year. It's just much easier for me to stay motivated if I'm enjoying my food.

Emkana, I'm trying not to eat sugar at all as I find it gives me cravings the following day - but I'll keep an eye out for that honey cake, I'm sure it would be a really good base for low point dessert when we're entertaining.

lilibet Mon 22-Nov-04 17:40:33

Kayleigh - great minds think alike - I'm just signing up for WW on line!

How are you finding it compared to SW?

You are doing really really well, any helpful advice for me?

Dior Mon 22-Nov-04 18:54:32

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Mon 22-Nov-04 19:42:01

will look for that Dior as i bought my cookbook last week. I made dh look through it at the weekend and he's found 4 or 5 things he likes the sound of.

lilibet, what are we like
I am finding it a complete breath of fresh air after slimming world. I don't feel constricted at all. I literally can eat anything i want and I am becoming a complete points bore !!

Favourite breakfasts :-
2 crumpets with marmite (2 and a half points)
2 slices toast + 2 laughing cow light triangles (3 and a half points)

Favourite lunch:-
Roll stuffed with salad and a little ham or chicken and some w/w salad cream (three and a half points) plus packet of w/w crisps (1 point)

Good tip - tesco "Healthy Eating" range have the w/w points on the packaging - marvellous !!

Good luck XX

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