Waking up at 3am absolutely ravenous

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Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Fri 11-Jun-21 03:58:11

Yesterday I had special k with milk for breakfast, 2 finger kitkat for snack, small portion of roast chicken for lunch (child size school lunch), steak pie peas and carrots for dinner. I did 15000 steps and did a zumba class which was 340 calories.

A good day overall but I woke up an hour ago and could eat my arm off. Can't get back to sleep. If I have a bedtime snack that's not ideal is it?

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Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Fri 11-Jun-21 04:00:13

Oops I also had an apple at 4pm

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applesarethebest Fri 11-Jun-21 04:10:50

Yes this is me!! A cup of (decaf) tea helps me. I didn't sleep well while I was pregnant and my DS is now nine weeks old and doesn't sleep too well, so I am often awake at this time feeling hungry brew I think it's probably normal if you don't eat anything in the late evening unfortunately!

applesarethebest Fri 11-Jun-21 04:13:54

Oh sorry, sleep deprived, missed your main Q!! Yes I think a bedtime snack would help, maybe a little bit of plain natural yogurt? That's my go to as it's so easy haha.

RickiTarr Fri 11-Jun-21 04:18:20

I think any chocolate is a mistake when you’re being disciplined, because you get a sugar slump later. I know this is a very depressing opinion, sorry!

linerforlife Fri 11-Jun-21 04:19:16

Try a low cal hot chocolate before bed, I find it helps

blisstwins Sat 12-Jun-21 11:02:03

You are eating small portions, but starchy and sweet. Add salad and a hard boiled egg and/or avocado, cut chocolate.


hamstersarse Sat 12-Jun-21 11:04:55

More protein! A lot more than you are eating right now

Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Sat 12-Jun-21 12:55:34

I've started keto today. Breakfast was bacon and eggs. Lunch is spinach avocado and brie salad with pine nuts. Natural yog and berries. Not sure about dinner. Probably chicken and veg.

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Saggingninja Sun 13-Jun-21 18:21:13

Agree with Blisstwins. I know there are different sorts of Special K but many of them have truckloads of sugar in them and they just don't fill you up. It might be better to have a high protein breakfast and add loads of veg, and maybe some chopped nuts to your roast chicken at lunch?

When I first started to lose weight, I found I would get furiously hungry at odd hours. Personally, I would have a small piece of cheese or a bit of ham. This is a long term haul so no need to punish yourself. Eat something if you're starving. smile

DavidTheDog Sun 13-Jun-21 18:43:58

This could be an overactive cortisol surge. If so, it would be worth looking at your sleep hygiene and stress. Otherwise, keep a handful of nuts such as walnuts by your bed.

CRbear Sun 13-Jun-21 18:49:32

When this happens to me I have a babybel light and find I’m fine to sleep again after that.

BoomChicka Sun 13-Jun-21 18:55:23

This is why I eat lunch, tea and supper, instead of breakfast. I can easily last until 1pm for lunch, but I can't go to sleep hungry so I usually have a 250 cal supper around 8.30pm.

People find this weird for some reason but it works for me when dieting.

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