How Not To Diet (Greger)

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Alternista Sat 17-Apr-21 08:29:30

Has anyone read this book/ got the cookbook?

I’ve lost three stones by calorie counting. I’ve got one more to lose and I feel like I’d like a change of approach- I need to stick nearer 1000 calories to consistently lose now and it’s making me tired.

I’d like to be more consistently plant based and to find a way of eating that works long term and leaves me feeling healthy and energetic. I’m wondering if this might be it.

Anyone read it / got any reviews or tips??

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PattyPan Fri 30-Apr-21 09:29:11

I have, I thought it was an interesting read. I’ve been vegan for 4 years anyway but sometimes end up in vegan junk food territory so I’ve downloaded the app and it’s a really good reminder to get in all the different components - I eat plenty of veg but now I know not enough of them are greens. I’m not doing all the 21 tweaks he recommends (not sleeping in trendelenburg! And I don’t like vinegar for example) but front-loading calories and time-restricting eating are things that definitely make sense. At first I was against weighing twice daily but I think it actually gives a more accurate picture of your weight than weighing once a week if you look at it more as a scatter graph where you’re looking for trends rather than as a line graph.

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